Job Vacancies

Our vision is to become the leading broad-spectrum teaching and research University in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA,) providing internationally recognized quality of education, in partnership with our UK academic partners, that develop the knowledge and skills of our students so they can shape the future of our country.
We empower our team members to work where they are at their best, with trust and effective communication always being at the heart of our University’s culture.

Find our open vacancies below: 


Lecturer -  Fashion and Textile - Faculty of Art and Design


Associate Professor- Fashion and Textile - Faculty of Art and Design


Project Manager


Software Developer


SME Business Development Coordinator 


Lecturer_ Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science 


Associate Professor_ Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science


Professor_ Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science 


Assistant Registrar 


Senior Assistant Registrar


SCE Sales and Branding Manager


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