Academic Services

Academic Services (AS)

Academic Services (AS) is the central professional service department within the Office of the Provost. The AS aims to provide an excellent service to our students, graduates, staff, UK validating partners and internal and external stakeholders i.e. Ministry of Higher Education, Supreme Council of Universities and the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Education (NAQAAE). The department is responsible for the student journey starting from enrolment to graduation. We take a proactive approach to help and support our students and staff. Our objectives are as follows:

• Provide high quality student-centered service that contributes to enhancing students’ retention, success and progression.
• Support the implementation of the University’s teaching and learning strategy and transformation plan 
• Actively implement the University’s digital transformation strategy
• Implement the University’s academic regulations and other requirements from the UK and Egyptian regulatory bodies  
• Monitor the adherence of the University’s academic regulation in the faculties
• Support staff and students to understand the academic regulations related policies and processes
• Provide academic advice and support to students  
• Manage curriculum portfolios for the faculties 
• Administer the University’s academic regulations related policies and processes
• Facilitate the University’s UK academic partnerships’ quality assurance and enhancement activities

The department is led by the Director of Academic Services, and it consists of the following six units:
1. Academic Advice and Support Unit
2. Assessment Unit
3. Awards and Statements Unit
4. Postgraduate Taught Support Unit
5. Student Records and Registry Unit
6. UK Academic Partnership Unit

Following are the Academic Services organisational structure: