School of Continuing Education (SCE)

The British University in Egypt established The School of Continuing Education (SCE) with the objective of capitalizing on the experience of its faculties and to extend its community services 

The School works as the link between the public audiences and the 11 faculties of the British University in Egypt, providing professional certificates and training programmes in different fields that aim at developing and fulfilling the training needs of individuals, organizations and corporates to prepare them for a dynamic business environment.

The School offers training programmes that are suitable for all age groups, starting from the young learners from the age of 6 to 11 years old, teens from the age of 12 to 16 years old, adults, professionals, executives and top management in all the fields and majors.

Our Mission

The SCE supports lifelong learners to identify their hidden capabilities and then prepare them to 
the dynamic job market and business environment

Our Vision

Provides lifelong learners with unique opportunities to grow and succeed through flexible nondegree offerings in different field

Training Programmes Fields:



                                                              Customized Courses (Per Request)

                                                Business, Economics & Political Science Courses

                                                        Communication and Mass Media Courses

                                                         Informatics & Computer Science Courses 

                                                             Health Related Workshops (Nursing)

                                                                       Pharmaceutical Courses

                                                                         Engineering Courses

                                                                        Art & Design Courses

                                                                            Language Courses

                                                                            Dentistry Courses

                                                                               Legal Courses


                                                                        Soft Skills Workshops  


                                                                   Children and Teens Workshops


                                                            Psychology Courses

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Payments are done through:
- The registration office, in building E, the ground floor 
- CIB Bank Transfer 

Contact Us For More Information:
 Mobile: 01069803230