PHD Programmes

BUE/LSBU Joint PHD programmes

BUE and London South Bank University have established a full partnership, which includes research and enterprise collaborative activities in addition to validation of BUE programmes. One of the main pillars underpinning such research collaborative activities is the joint supervision of PHD students. It is envisaged that BUE assistant lecturer (M.Sc. holder) could benefit from a joint PhD framework that allows them to study at LSBU, on a part time basis, while being engaged in their teaching responsibilities at BUE. Such an opportunity shall provide BUE TAs with the necessary training, as future module leaders in a UK education system, in addition to the needed resources and access to the state of the art facilities that might be required for completing their research. Specialty areas that are expected to support BUE TAs shall be identified in light of mutual research interests and ongoing collaborative research activities.


Procedure for Applying

• The joint BUE-LSBU PhD programme was established to help support BUE teaching assistants to pursue their postgraduate studies under a joint supervision programme as part time students at London South Bank University.  It is important to emphasize that there are a limited number of positions available each year.  Applicants shall follow the steps outlined herein in order to ensure a successful application.  Successful applications do not necessarily guarantee the award of the position since there are several criteria for selection and ranking that should be satisfied.The following documents are required as part of the application process:
• Application to LSBU (RES 2), (you should apply online and it is your responsibility to secure acceptance from LSBU to the relevant PhD programme)
• TA registration request form (BUE-PGREG-002)
• Acceptance letter from LSBU (If available)
• Updated Curriculum Vitae.
• Abstract of Master’s thesis if applicable
• List of publications if applicable

The following constitutes the recommended procedure to compile an application package for the joint PhD programme:
• Visit the LSBU website and identify the PhD programme you wish to join
• Review the application procedure and requirements. it is your responsibility to satisfy all such requirements and to follow the proper LSBU procedure
• Review all staff members in the relevant LSBU department and identify those who are working in the area you wish to pursue
• Start communicating with potential supervisors indicating that you are applying for the joint BUE-LSBU PhD programme.  This should result in identifying your supervisors at LSBU
• Identify an internal BUE supervisor and engage him/her in the application process, especially during the preparation of your proposal
• Apply for the selected PhD programme at LSBU online using RES 2 form (You need to include a copy of RES 2 as part of your application at BUE)
• Fill in a BUE TA registration request form (BUE-PGREG-002)
• Complete your application package as per the list provided above
• Submit your file to the Associate Dean of Post Graduate Studies & Research in your relevant Faculty
• A faculty based committee will accept all applications, conduct an evaluation and ranking process according to preset guidelines and send a ranking of all applicants to the University Research Committee
• The committee will review all applicants and award positions to the top successful applicants according to agreed numbers of awards for each faculty

The University Research Committee will notify you of the outcome of your application.


–  Applicants holding an undergraduate degree with a minimum of ‘very good’ cumulative grade.
–  Applicants who are 35 years of age or younger.
–  Applicants should be able to finance 50% of the approved expenses.
–  Applicants must work at BUE for five years after earning the Ph.D. degree; otherwise they will be obliged to pay all expenses related to their education under this programme.
–  Applicants will sign appropriate legal documents to guarantee the university’s rights. The embodiment of that will include the availability of the nearest kin as collateral.
– Candidates for the programme must have at least one year of working as a TA at BUE.
–  A limited number of applications will be approved annually.
– Faculties shall nominate and rank their potential applicants to be sent to the research committee.
– Nominations of the research committee will be forwarded to the president for awarding.

General Framework

• Students will enrol on the LSBU PhD programme on part-time basis.
• LSBU will employ their normal admissions criteria to determine whether to accept BUE TAs as PhD students.
• Academic staff from LSBU and BUE will jointly supervise students.
• Students are normally required to spend one semester the first year during the Ph.D. programme at LSBU. The duration of stay, for the following years, will be determined based on the nature of specialization and progress by the two supervisors.
• LSBU & BUE will identify programme coordinators who will be responsible for managing all aspects of the programme at their respective institutions.
• LSBU’s part-time tuition fees apply at the home fee (GBP 2150).
• LSBU shall subsidise accommodation fees at LSBU dormitories during the summer by 50%.
• BUE to finance 50% of the approved expenses for students enrolled in this programme, subject to preset ceilings.
• BUE teaching assistants enrolled in this programme will be on paid leave while at LSBU.
• LSBU will not employ former BUE TAs who have been sponsored to study for a PhD by BUE without BUE’s final approval
• The progress of students will be reviewed annually by both LSBU and BUE supervisors and continuation in the programme will depend upon the successful assessment.
• Selection of potential applicants shall be done at BUE.
• Strategic specialty areas shall be identified by both institutions in light of joint research collaborative activities.

Application Cycle Timeline

- May 13 Call for applications
- May 31 Deadline for declaration of interest
- June 30 Deadline for completing BUE Application Package & Online Application at LSBU
- July 7 Confirmation of successful application
- July 15 Sign Study Liability Form
- August 13 Finalizing enrolment procedure with LSBU
- September Induction programme