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1. Faculty of Arts & Design
2. Faculty of Arts & Humanities
3. Business Administration, Economics and Political Science
4. Faculty of Communication & Mass Media
5. Faculty of Engineering
6. Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering
7. Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science
8. Faculty of Law
9. Faculty of Nursing
10. Faculty of Pharmacy
11. Faculty of Dentistry

• Library
• Food court
• Auditorium
• Dental Hospital
• Accommodation
• Computer Labs
• Physics Labs
• Chemicals Labs
• Mass communication Studios

Faculty of Arts & Design.
Chinese Language and Culture Programme in Faculty of Arts and Humanities.
Artificial Intelligence Programme in Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science
Clinical Pharmacy Programme in Faculty of Pharmacy
Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering Programme in Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering (M.Sc. & M. Eng. In):
Renewable Energy Engineering
Advanced Materials Science and Engineering
Sustainable Engineering Design & Construction
Faculty of Informatics & Computer Science
Master of Science in “Web Science”
Faculty of Communication and Mass Media
Master of Digital Media
Faculty of Business Administration, Economics & Political Science
Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
MBA in “Applied Finance & Economics”
MBA in “Contemporary Marketing”
Master of Science in Political Science
Faculty of Dentistry
Master of Science in Endodontics
Master of Science in Operative Dentistry
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Suez Rd, Al Shorouk, Cairo Governorate 11837

 Yes, for more details contact:
01009552998 – 01019446944




It is really important to feel at home and have a space of your own to study, that’s why we have a team based on campus who are dedicated to helping you find a place to live. 
For more details please contact:
01062799222 – 01062737773


London South Bank University (LSBU) for most of the faculties except Faculty of Dentistry, Pharmacy and Nursing
Queen Margret University for Faculty of Nursing

You can apply through our online application (usually starts in January)


Yes, CCCS, Kindly check their website (CCCS WEBSITE)


• The BUE is among only 13 of 80 universities in Egypt, which are ranked worldwide.
• BUE worldwide rank is 1001-1200.
• Focusing on Egypt:
• BUE is ranked the top on all private universities accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities.
• BUE is ranked 4th on all universities in Egypt, tying 5 other universities in this place.
• Focusing on Africa:
• BUE is ranked 12th on all African universities, tying 10 other universities in this place.