The formation of the British University in Egypt arose from a 1998 Memorandum of Cooperation between the governments of Egypt and the United Kingdom. It was envisaged that such an institution would produce graduates of UK standards for key sectors of the Egyptian economy, particularly in the areas of engineering, computer science and business studies.


Our Birth 
Planning for the new institution was set in motion with financial support from a group of prominent Egyptian business and public figures, principal amongst whom was Mr. Farid Khamis, Chairman of Oriental Weavers, a major international carpet manufacturing company. In 2004, with strong support from the British Embassy and the British Council, a Presidential decree was issued establishing the British University in Egypt. The initial phase of the University campus was already under construction and the university welcomed its first cohort, consisting of only 200 undergraduate students, in September 2005.


One Year Later
The University’s campus was established in the area of El Sherouk, one of the newer Egyptian cities located in the outskirts of Cairo. While the campus initially comprised only two buildings, including a large auditorium with modern conference facilities, it was set on a site of approximately 60 acres which would allow it to develop in the coming years. 

The British University in Egypt was formally inaugurated by H.M King Charles III and HE Ms. Suzzanne Mubarak, Egypt’s First Lady, on 22 March 2006.


Four Years Later
In 2009, the British University in Egypt celebrated the graduation of its first batch, among which nine students became the first graduates of Informatics and Computer Science (ICS) - six from Computer Science and three from Informatics. Today, ICS has 181 students in the Preparatory Year, as well as four active specialisations: Computer Science & Information Systems launched in 2009, Computer Networks launched in 2010, Programming Engineering launched in 2009 and the ICS master of science degree programme started in September 2011. The ICS Master's of Science programme currently has 14 registered students.



Another Successful Year
Consistent with the British University’s mission “to provide a British-style education of the highest quality supplying graduates that feed and stimulate industry, social and public services and commercial activities of Egypt, the Middle East and beyond,” the University has embarked on transforming the university into a research-led institution of the first class by creating research centres and attracting internationally recognized, active academic research staff. Moreover, graduate programmes have been an important part of the University’s development plan following the graduation of the first undergraduate cohorts from the Faculty of Engineering in 2010.



Celebrating 15 years of SUCCESS
Now, the University is celebrating the opening of Science Park, Nano Technology Research Centre, along with the Faculty of Renewable Energy & Environmental Engineering and the other faculties as listed below:

● Faculty of Art and Design

● Faculty of Arts and Humanities

● Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science. 

● Faculty of Communication and Mass Media. 

● Faculty of Dentistry. 

● Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering.

● Faculty of Engineering. 

● Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science. 

● Faculty of Law.

Faculty of Nursing. 

● Faculty of Pharmacy. 


A Year of Challenges!
The decade of the 2020’s began with an unprecedented year that the world will never forget. This was especially true for our university following the loss of its founder, Mr. Mohamed Farid Khamis, in September. 
As the head of our academic family and Chairman of the board of Trustees, Mr. Khamis’ passing left both a structural and emotional void. In October of the same year, Ms. Farida Mohamed Farid Khamis succeeded her father as Chair of the Board of Trustees. 

The British University in Egypt is continuing its successful progress by opening a new Faculty of Arts and Design in addition to the 10 Faculties already established. 


The inauguration of the President and the first Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Mohamed Loutfi. 


2022 was a year of success and triumph. The University had a fantastic year full of monumental achievements, events, and initiatives:

- Launched our Partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP.)

- Launched our partnership with the Egyptian Stock Exchange and opened our Financial Lab.

- Became the first university to align with the presidential initiative, Haya Karima (A Decent Life) as part of Egypt's Vision 2030.

- Launched our partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University.

- Organized COP27 Simulation - Capacity Building Programme, Run for the Climate, COP27 Mock Conference, and participated in COP27 at Sharm El Sheikh. 


The installation of our Inaugural Chancellor, Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub.