Message from the Dean


Professor Omar H. Karam

Dean of Informatics and Computer Science

Dear Students,
Informatics and Computer Science constitute important pillars in the building of a modern country. Our Faculty is at the forefront of the efforts to have creative, innovative, vigorous and thriving software and informatics industries. The BUE’s role is to provide you with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to continue your learning journey and to start serving our country and our people.
Education is a lifelong endeavour. Make it your adventure.


The Supreme Council of Universities is the only designated official entity in Egypt for the recognition and equivalence of academic qualifications and degrees awarded by universities and institutes that are not subjected to Universities Law No. 49 dated 1972 or foreign Higher educational institutes.


In the autumn of 2009, The British University in Egypt celebrated the graduation of its first cohort. Among them were the first graduates of Informatics and Computer Science. There were nine graduates – six in the Computer Science specialization and 3 in Information Systems specialization.

Today, ICS has more than 900 students. There are five active specializations; Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Software Engineering & Information Systems launched in 2009 and Computer Networks launched in 2010. In addition, the ICS Master of Science degree programme started in September 2012. Currently, the Faculty has 40 Teaching Assistants and 15 full-time Academic Staff members.