Welcome Note
The unique undergraduate education offered at The British University in Egypt is complemented by strong research activities and postgraduate programmes. The challenges in these areas are enormous, and the University has gained recognition in research and postgraduate education, both in Egypt and abroad. The multidisciplinary Master's Programmes offered in advanced technology areas, such as renewable energy, advanced materials, sustainability, and web science, are among the first to start in Egypt. These programmes are supported by advanced research in many thrust areas, which attract external funding and result in publications in top peer-reviewed journals. Research clusters and focus groups at The British University in Egypt operate through a number of research centres. This research environment on campus also opens opportunities for the students to participate in research projects and get the experience of exploring new ideas first-hand alongside the professors and researchers. Additionally, The British University in Egypt's research activities have opened strong collaborations with international universities and research centres, as well as with the industry in Egypt. The latter for example have resulted in joint ventures in new technologies, such as wind and solar energy.

It is a privilege to serve the The British University in Egypt's community in the area of research and postgraduate education at this significant time of our nation, where we all strive to see Egypt prosper and contribute to preparing the next generation who can offer strong participants in shaping Egypt’s scientific and industrial future. I welcome everyone; students, parents, and visitors to the University's research window to the world and hope you will find the information posted helpful. Please call us if you have comments or questions. It will be my pleasure to hear from you.
 Professor Yehia Bahei-El-Din
Vice-President of Research & Postgraduate Studies

Professor Bahei-El-Din earned his B.Sc. in Civil Engineering in 1972 from Cairo University with distinction and honours. He earned his M.Sc. in 1976 and PhD in 1979 from Duke University in Durham, NC, USA with a major in Civil Engineering and a speciality in Solid Mechanics. While a graduate student Professor Bahei-El-Din worked on several funded projects in composite materials and structures and his Ph.D. was among the first in the U.S. to contribute to the constitutive modelling of advanced composites. Before joining The British University in September 2007, Professor Bahei-El-Din was a tenured professor at Cairo University and a visiting professor at Duke University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NC State University and the University of Utah in the USA. Professor Bahei-El-Din is renowned for his work in composite materials and structures which earned him recognition and awards from the President of Egypt, the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in Egypt, and NASA and the National Academy of Sciences in the USA.

Upon joining The British University in September 2007, Professor Bahei-El-Din founded the Centre for Advanced Materials and served as its Director until November 2014. He also served as Associate Dean of Engineering for three years starting September 2008, and as Dean of Engineering for three years from September 2011 to October 2014. Professor Bahei-El-Din was appointed as the first  Vice President for Research and postgraduate Studies at The British University of Egypt in November 2014.



Professor Yehia Bahei-El-Din, Nile Appreciation Award for 2019, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), Egypt (award announced in October 2020)

Professor Ahmed Yehia Rashed, 
Appreciation Award from the General Union of Arab Archaeologists

Dr Bassam Ayoub
State Incentive Award, Science Day Ceremony, August 2019

Dr Mamdouh Gadalla
State Incentive Award in Engineering Research

Professor Yehia Bahei-El-DinState Award of Appreciation in Advanced Technological Sciences (Engineering), Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), Egypt

Professor Gamal Nashed
State Incentive Award in Mathematics

Professor Ahmed Hamza
State Prize of Merit in Basic Sciences