University Services & Facilities

Academic Support Facilities

The University is located on a large purpose-built campus on the outskirts of Cairo. It has well equipped facilities to support the delivery of its academic programs.


In April 2015, the BUE officially opened a new State-Of-The-Art purpose built Library building which provides variety of services to students and academic staff using the most effective media for the acquisition and dissemination of information. The Library has a wide-ranging collection of texts and references which are accessible via the latest library databases.

The Library provides training and guidance to enable students to gain the greatest benefit from its collection of print and e-resources. BUE has a digital library with international journals for all academic programs and special interests.

The Library also provides off-campus access to all electronic resources and the catalog to support independent study via the Library Website.


The E-learning facility is an online system that allows students and staff to communicate effectively. Students can access it from their homes as well as on campus. It allows students continuously to follow up on their studies. It also allows them to submit assignments online and receive their grades for tasks and assignments as well. It provides all the necessary documents for each module, including module outlines, required reading materials, recommended additional reading lists and even tips on how to study successfully. Above all, it supports independent learning.

IT Open Access Laboratories

IT facilities are available for students outside class hours to work on any assignments, projects or group study. Computer labs are always accessible during University working hours, and IT staff members are always present to assist students who need help with the computer.

Informal study areas

BUE has many study areas in Buildings A and G.

Wireless Campus

BUE students enjoy wireless network hotspots throught the campus.

Other Academic Facilities

  • Auditorium
  • Classrooms with smart boards
  • Laboratories
  • Lecture Theaters
  • Language Laboratories
  • Workshops