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July 6, 2023

Summer Camps

We are eager to help students make the transition from high school to higher education as seamless as it can be. Join our two-day Summer Camps with the faculties of your choice to get firsthand experience of university life, gain insight into what each of our faculties offers, and make new friends!

Apply for this unforgettable experience, here!

Summer Camps Schedule

Faculty Duration
Pharmacy 11th -12th July
Business Administration 17th -18th July
Economics 17th -18th July
Political Science 17th -18th July
Arts & Design 19th -20th July
Energy and Environmental Engineering 24th -25th July
Engineering 24th -25th July
Law 26th - 27th July
English Language and Literature 30th-3st July
Pyschology 30th-3st July
Chinese Language 30th-3st July
ICS 1st -2nd August