Prof. Moustafa Aly Soliman
Professor of Chemical Engineering
203 Building A

Professor Soliman holds 5 U.S. patents; 3 in catalysis and 2 in chemical reactor design.

He pioneered the use of sulfur compounds in thermochemical cycles for hydrogen production and the use of nano-palladium to catalyze partial oxidation of ethane to acetic acid.

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He published 3 books, more than 185 research articles and conference papers, and supervised more than 10 master's and doctoral dissertations.

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Among Soliman's most important contributions are the development of tridiagonal matrix method for the simulation of multi-stage flash desalination plants and improvement of the orthogonal collocation method to the solution of boundary value problems.

  • Postdoc, University of Leeds, UK; University at Buffalo, USA; University of Kentucky, USA
  • PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • MSc, Chemical Engineering, Cairo University
  • BSc, Chemical Engineering, Cairo University
Research Interests

By fundamental areas:

Process systems engineering, Chemical reaction engineering, Catalysis, Separation processes, Sustainable energy

By application focus areas:

Hydrogen production, Acetic acid production, Petrochemical industries, Polymerisation processes, Polystyrene reactor, Cement industries, Steel industries, Metallurgy, Urea plants, Desalination plants

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Key publications:

  • Soliman MA (2019). Approximate analytical solution for mathematical models of thermal ignition and non-isothermal catalytic zero order reaction in a spherical geometry. J King Saud Univ Eng Sci, 31(2), 164-170. [Crossref]
  • Soliman MA, Al-Zeghayer YS (2015). Approximate analytical solution for the isothermal Lane-Emden equation in a spherical geometry. Rev Mex Astron Astrofís, 51, 173-180. [Link]
  • Soliman MA, Al-Zeghayer YS, Ajbar A (2014). A modified orthogonal collocation method for reaction diffusion problems. Braz J Chem Eng, 31(4), 967-975. [Crossref]
  • Al-Zeghayer YS, Al-Awadi AS, Jibril BY, Soliman MA, Al-Mayman S (2013). Partial oxidation of ethane to acetic acid on titania supported MoVNbPd catalyst. Asian J Chem, 25(14), 7979-7985. [Crossref]
  • Alhumaizi KI, Ajbar A, Soliman MA (2012). Modelling the complex interactions between reformer and reduction furnace in a Midrex-based iron plant. Can J Chem Eng, 90(5), 1120-1141. [Crossref]
  • Ajbar A, Alhumaizi KI, Soliman MA (2011). Modeling and simulations of a reformer used in direct reduction of iron. Korean J Chem Eng, 28(12), 2242-2249. [Crossref]
  • Al-Fatish AS, Ibrahim AA, Fakeeha AH, Soliman MA, Siddiqui MRH, Abasaeed AE (2009). Coke formation during CO2 reforming of CH4 over alumina-supported nickel catalysts. Appl Catal A-Gen, 364(1-2), 150-155. [Crossref]
  • Soliman MA, Alhumaizi KI (2008). Studies on the method of orthogonal collocation - VII: An efficient collocation method for diffusion–convection problems with chemical reaction. J King Saud Univ Eng Sci, 20(2), 95-101. [Crossref]
  • Alhumaizi KI, Henda R, Soliman MA (2003). Numerical analysis of a reaction–diffusion–convection system. Comput Chem Eng, 27(4), 579-594. [Crossref]
  • Alhumaizi KI, Soliman MA (2000). Studies on the method of orthogonal collocation - V: Multiple steady states in catalyst particles. J King Saud Univ Eng Sci, 12(1), 15-25. [Crossref]
  • Fakeeha AH, Fahmy YM, Soliman MA, Alwahabi SM (2000). A kinetic model for partial oxidation of ethane to acetic acid on promoted VPO catalyst. J Chem Technol Biotechnol, 75(12), 1160-1168. [Link]
  • Soliman MA, Ibrahim AA (1999). Studies on the method of orthogonal collocation - III: The use of Jacobi orthogonal polynomials for the solution of boundary value problems. J King Saud Univ Eng Sci, 11(2), 191-201. [Crossref]
  • Al-Sherehy FA, Adris AM, Soliman MA, Hughes R (1998). Avoidance of flammability and temperature runaway during oxidative dehydrogenation using a distributed feed. Chem Eng Sci, 53(23), 3965-3976. [Crossref]
  • Wagialla KM, Soliman MA (1993). Distillation column simulation by orthogonal collocation: Efficient solution strategy. J King Saud Univ Eng Sci, 5(1), 17-40. [Crossref]
  • Soliman MA (1992). A spline collocation method for the solution of diffusion–convection problems with chemical reactions. Chem Eng Sci, 47(15), 4209-4213. [Crossref]
  • Elnashaie SSEH, Adris AM, Al-Ubaid AS, Soliman MA (1990). On the non-monotonic behaviour of methane–steam reforming kinetics. Chem Eng Sci, 45(2), 491-501. [Crossref]
  • Soliman MA (1989). Collocation with low-order polynomials for fast reactions in catalyst particles. Chem Eng Sci, 44(6), 1459-1460. [Crossref]
  • Soliman MA, El-Nashaie SSEH, Al-Ubaid AS, Adris AM (1988). Simulation of steam reformers for methane. Chem Eng Sci, 43(8), 1801-1806. [Crossref]
  • Al-Fadli AM, Soliman MA, Wagialla KM, Al-Mutaz IS (1988). Optimal resources allocation and processing for the Saudi petrochemical industry. Process Economics International, 7, 22-29. [Link]
  • Helal AM, Medani MS, Soliman MA, Flower JR (1986). A tridiagonal matrix model for multistage flash desalination plants. Comput Chem Eng, 10(4), 327-342. [Crossref]
  • Soliman MA, Mandil MA, Alhamaid MA, Alhafez E, Albelbessi YM, Al-Abdulwahhab MA (1985). Energy conservation in a crude oil refinery: A case study. J Eng Sci King Saud Univ, 11(2), 303-315. [Link]
  • Soliman MA (1982). Extended perturbation series analysis and improvement applied to a porous catalyst slab. Comput Chem Eng, 6, 289-294. [Crossref]
  • Soliman MA (1981). A mathematical model for multi-stage flash desalination plants. J Eng Sci Univ Riyadh, 7(2), 143-150. [Link]
  • Soliman MA (1979). Quasi-Newton methods for convergence acceleration of cyclic systems. Can J Chem Eng, 57(5), 643-647. [Crossref]
  • Soliman MA, Ray WH (1979). Nonlinear state estimation of packed-bed tubular reactors. AIChE J, 25(4), 718-720. [Crossref]
  • Medani MS, Soliman MA (1978). Approximate analytical solutions for systems with axial dispersion. The steady state behaviour of a binary distillation plate. Comput Chem Eng, 2(1), 53-59. [Crossref]
  • Soliman MA, Conger WL, Carty RH, Funk JE, Cox KE (1976). Hydrogen production via thermochemical cycles based on sulfur chemistry. Int J Hydrog Energy, 1(3), 265-270. [Crossref]
  • Soliman MA, Carty RH, Conger WL, Funk JE (1975). New thermochemical cycles for hydrogen production. Can J Chem Eng, 53(2), 164-169. [Crossref]
  • Soliman MA, Ray WH (1972). Optimal feedback control for linear-quadratic systems having time delays. Int J Control, 15(4), 609-627. [Crossref]

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Chapters in Books


  • Rational Approximation for Bratu-Type Equations of Solid and Hollow Geometries. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken, Germany, 2017. ISBN: 9783330034754
  • Introduction to Modern Petroleum Refining Engineering. Dar El-Hedaih Press, Cairo, Egypt, 2009. BUE Library Barcode: 000027902
  • The Method of Orthogonal Collocation. King Saud University Press, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2004. ISBN: 996037694X
White Papers

Co-inventor of the following patents:

  • US 6,030,920: Catalysts for producing acetic acid from ethane oxidation, processes of making same and method of using same
  • US 6,310,241: Catalysts methods for producing acetic acid from ethane oxidation using Mo, V, Pd and Nb based catalysts, processes of making same and methods of using same
  • US 6,383,977: Catalysts for producing acetic acid from ethane oxidation, processes of making the same and methods of using same
  • US 20140235893: Catalyst for selectively producing acetic acid through the partial oxidation of ethane
  • US 6,977,064: Apparatus for the controlled optimized addition of reactants in continuous flow reaction systems
  • US 7,445,758: Continuous flow reaction systems with controlled addition of reactants
Research Projects
Hydrogen production by solar energy, Numerical solutions of reaction-diffusion systems, Bioelectrochemical systems
Modules Taught
Heat transfer, Process heat transfer, Chemical reaction engineering, Process dynamics and control, Group design project, Individual research project
Industrial training coordinator for chemical engineering department