Prof. Attia Mahmoud Attia
Dean of Energy and Environmental Engineering

Attia Attia became the Dean of the Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering on 2016. He is also the Supervisor of Petroleum Engineering and Gas Technology (PEGT) Department at the British University in Egypt (BUE). In 2009, he joined the BUE as a Professor of Petroleum Engineering and the Head of PEGT department till 2012.  Prior to joining the BUE, he was the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering at Suez University, Egypt. Attia is an active consultant to oil and Gas industry  in different areas such as; Natural Gas, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Reservoir Characterization, Gas reservoir Engineering  and Hydrocarbon Reserves. Among his accomplishments at the BUE was preparing the faculty of engineering quality assurance unit bylaws, mission and vission, while being the faculty quality assurance unit director. Using his vision to set the action plans for teaching and learning, community service and research at the faculty of engineering. He shared his experience with other universities as a peer reviewer for the national and in the Middle East quality assurance of higer education.

Prof. Attia gained his PhD from Faculty of Petroleum & Mining Engineering, Suez Canal University in Egypt. He has held faculty positions at Suez canal University, where he became an Assistant Professor in 1995, an Associate Professor in 2001 and a Professor in 2007. He was affiliated to a number of reputable international universities during his carrier. He worked as an associate professor in Louisiana State University, USA for a year in 2003 , and as a Visiting Research Professor in Al Base University, Syria,  in 2006. He is also a member of the SPE.

He has published more than 50 papers related to Energy in the oil and Gas. Attia has designed and delivered a wide range of short courses for oil and gas industry in the Middle East. He is Member of Board of Society for Petroleum Engineering and an Expert Referee for many international journals. He has always been an active researcher focused on studying Gas Reservoir, Reserve estimations, Heterogeneity classifications (carbonate rocks), EOR Methods, and absolute permeability from resistivity measurements.

A frequent presenter at national and international petroleum engineering conferences, workshops and as a visiting professor to international universities. Prof. Attia has taught courses on Applied Reservoir Engineering, Water flooding, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Gas Production, Gas Reservoir Engineering and Reservoir Rock and fluid Properties. He has served on 40 doctoral dissertation committees in petroleum engineering and gas technology and supervised 120 graduation research projects.

  • 1985 BSc Petroleum Engineering – Faculty of Petroleum & Mining Engineering, Suez Canal University, Egypt
  • 1990MSc Petroleum Engineering – Faculty of Petroleum & Mining Engineering, Suez Canal University, Egypt
  • 1995PhD Reservoir Engineering – Faculty of Petroleum & Mining Engineering, Suez Canal University, Egypt, PhD entitled “Phase Behavior of Surfactant-Oil-Water System in Enhanced oil Recovery in July Oil Field.
Research Interests
  • Gas Reservoirs.
  • Reserve estimations.
  • Heterogeneity classifications (carbonate rocks).
  • EOR Methods Chemical and Microbial Enhanced oil Recovery.
  • Absolute permeability from resistivity measurements.
  • MBAL and OFM software was used to estimate oil and gas reserves and establish field development plan for Oil and Gas fields.
  • TechLog, software is other software programme that I am experienced in using for well logging interpretation.
  • Reservoir characterization Software, Reservoir Simulation
Journal Articles
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