Assoc. Prof. Mostafa ElSayed AboElsoud
Lecturer of Economics
G_217 Building G

Dr. AboElsoud joined the BUE in 2010. As assistant Professor in Economics, he taught Econometrics, Statistics and Mathematics and currently involved in the teaching of Financial economics. Dr. Aboelsoud also taught at other institutions like the American University in the Middle East (AUM), Kuwait from 2013 till 2017. Dr. AboElsoud has also helped in the development of the MSc in Political Economy, which is now being reviewed by the Supreme Council of Universities.

Dr. AboElsoud is a member in several assiociations, such as the Middle East Economic Association (MEEA), since ’18. The American Economic Association (AEA), since ’16. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), Florida, USA, since ’13. Member of the Political Economy, Statistics and the Legislation Association, Cairo, Egypt, since ’04. He is on the Editorial Review Board of the International Journal of Disaster Response and Emergency Management (IJDREM). Dr. AboElsoud is also one of the review panel of the 4th edition of Stock/Watson's Introduction to Econometrics, which will be published by Pearson.

  • Ph.D. in Economics: Joint Supervision Program between Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics, University of Delaware. Newark, Delaware, USA and Faculty of Commerce, Suez Canal University. Ismailia, Egypt.
  • Master’s degree was received from Suez Canal University in 2004 on "Rationalizing Governmental Expenditure of Public Health Insurance to Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness of the System".
  • BSc. from the Faculty of Commerce, Suez Canal University, majoring in Economics.
Research Interests


  • Economic Development & Sustainability,
  • Foreign Aid & FDI
  • Energy Economics,
  • Economic Education
  •  Sports Economics





Journal Articles

AlQudah, A., Bani‐Mustafa, A., Nimer, K., AlQudah, A.D., AboElsoud, M. (2021). The effects of public governance and national culture on money laundering: A structured equation modeling approach, Journal of Public Affairs, e2796.

AboElsoud, M., AlQudah, A., Paparas, D., Bani-Mustafa, A. (2021). The Federal Funds Rate Effect on Subprime Mortgage Crisis Management: An ARDL Approach, Journal of Governance and Regulation 10 (2).

Hobbs, S., Paparas, D., AboElsoud, M. (2021). Does FDI and Trade Promote Economic Growth?  An Evidence from in Albania. Economies 9 (1), 1.

AboElsoud, M., Al-Qudah, A., Paparas, D. (2020).  Effectiveness of Interest Rate Policy on the Management of the Macroeconomic Stability: Evidence from the United Kingdom, Journal of Organizational Studies and Innovation, Vol. 7, Issue: 4.

Al-Qudah, A., Zouaoui, A., AboElsoud, M. (2020). Does Corruption Adversely Affect Economic Growth in Tunisia? ARDL Approach, Journal of Money Laundering Control, Vol. 23, Issue: 1.

AboElsoud, M., A-lQudah, A., Elish, E. (2020). Does a Change in Immigration Affect the Unemployment Rate in Host Countries? Evidence from Australia, Journal of Applied Economics, Vol. 23, Issue: 1.

Kodair, A., AboElsoud, M., Khalifa, M. (2019), The Role of Regional Media in Shaping Political Awareness of Egyptian Youth: An Evidence from Egypt. Politics & Policy, Vol. 47, No. 6.

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 AboElsoud, M. (2018).  Did USAID Promote Economic Growth Prior to the 2011 Egyptian Revolution? Journal of Chinese Economic and Foreign Trade Studies, Vol. 11 Issue: 3, pp.219-235.

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Khashaba, N., Mahboub, A., Latham, W., & AboElsoud, M. (2010). Is the Export-Led-Growth Hypothesis, Valid for Egypt? A Time Series Approach. L’Egypte Contemporaine Journal, 500, 5-25, Cairo, Egypt.


Conference Papers

Ahmed, A, AboElsoud, M., & AbdElaal, S., (2013). USAID and the Egyptian Economic Growth: A Macroeconomic Evaluation of AID Effectiveness. Presented at the International Conference “The Impact of Revolutions on Risk Management in the Framework of Governance”. 6th of October City, Giza, Egypt, from February 16th to 17th.

Khashaba, N., AboElsoud, M., & Sallam, A., (2013). Measuring the Impact of Public-Private Partnerships on Egyptian Economic Growth (Comparative Study. Presented at the International Conference “The Impact of Revolutions on Risk Management in the Framework of Governance”. Egypt, from February 16th to 17th.

AboElsoud, M., & Tawfik, J. (2013). The Impact of FDI on The American Economy Growth: AVAR Model. Presented at the International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines (IABPAD) Conference, January 2-5, Orlando, Florida, USA.

Youssef, A., & AboElsoud, M. (2012). Financial Development and Economic Growth in Developing Countries: A Critical Literature Review. Presented at the 2012 Emerging Markets Conference, May 17-18, London, UK.


Best Publication Award (RW4-2020) from The British University in Egypt,  for the paper; “The Role of Regional Media in Shaping Political Awareness of Youth: Evidence from Egypt”,  Politics & Policy, Vol. 47, No. 6.

Certificate of Appreciation for International Research Excellence (2020), Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt.

BUE Student Union advisor 2017/2018 Research officer BAEPS Annual Conference Coordinator BAEPS Faculty Budget Holder BAEPS Faculty Journal Managing Editor BAEPS Scholar Repository Coordinator
Financial Economics / Project Appraisal / Graduation Project