Assoc. Prof. Maha Ghalwash
Module Leader
Office 122 - Building G

Maha Ghalwash is Associate Professor in Middle East History.

Prior to joining BUE, Dr. Ghalwash contributed to the Formalization Project. The work on this project—the brainchild of renowned economist Hernando De Soto and his think tank, the Institute for Liberty and Democracy (ILD)—was undertaken by the ILD team in coordination with two Egyptian organizations, Private Interest Inc (headed by Sherif el-Diwany) and Egyptian Center for Economic Studies (headed by Ahmed Galal). Dr. Ghalwash contributed to the development of the reports produced by the teams that investigated various aspects of the informal sector in Egypt. 

Upon joining the department of Political Science at BUE, Dr. Ghalwash was appointed Programme Director and Quality Assurance Officer, and in that capacity was tasked with the development of a four year undergraduate programme of study. Upon completion, this programme was approved by Loughborough University, BUE’s British partner at the time and the Egyptian Supreme Council of Higher Education in 2007.  Since then, Dr. Ghalwash continued to develop the programme in her capacity as Quality Assurance Officer; only stepping down in 2018.


Ph.D. in Near Eastern Studies, Department of Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University, 1997.

M.A. in Near Eastern Studies, Department of Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University.

B.A. in Political Science, Department of Political Science, the American University in Cairo.

Research Interests
  • Peasant society in 19th century Egypt
  • State – society relations
  • Islamist movements
  • Gender
Journal Articles

Phillips, L., & Ghalwash, M. (2019). Brothers in arms: Visual commonalities between US and IS recruitment strategies. Media, War & Conflict, 1750635219887775.

Ghalwash, M. A. (2018). Peasant Women and Rights to Land in Nineteenth Century Egypt: Sites of Resistance?. Journal of Social History52(1), 26-53.

Ghalwash, M. A., & Phillips, L. (2017). The Nour Party: Weathering the Political Storm in Post-Revolutionary Egypt. Middle East Critique26(4), 315-330.

Ghalwash, M. A. (2016). On Justice: Peasants, Petitions and the State in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Egypt. British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies43(4), 523-540.

Conference Papers

Ghalwash, M. & Phillips, L. (2017), "Jumping Ship: The Nour Party Turns its Back on the Muslim Brotherhood." BRISMES, Edinburgh University, July 4-7 Scotland, UK.

University Groups
Research Projects
History of Western Political Thought - Modern Political Theory - Political Islam - Political Economy of the Middle East.
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