Associate Professor Mostafa Salama
Building G - Office 131/3

Dr. Mostafa is a lecturer at the British University in Egypt since 2011. His teaching experience since 2007 is following the UK quality and validation standards. He worked in industry for 8 years in embedded system and business administration projects. He holds M.Sc. in securing the electronic cash and Ph.D. in enhancing the mining techniques required in medical informatics. His industrial background in programming enables the implementation of several approaches in the pattern recognition field. Also, he is coordinating the implementation of the formal website and the ranking recommendation of the British University in Egypt. He is a member of the scientific research group in Egypt, SRGE, and he has more than 30 international journal and conference publications. He has experience of undergraduate and master research supervision.

Research Interests
  • Data Mining 
  • Image Processing 
  • Analysis of Algorithms 
  • Programming
Journal Articles
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Year 1 Coordinator and BUE Website Data Coordinator