Professor Amal Abdel-Rehim El-Nahas
Acting Computer Networks Department Coordinator
Building G - Office 109

Amal Elnahas is a full Professor at Alexandria University, part-time Professor at the British University in Egypt. She got her Bs.c and Ms.c in Computer Engineering from Alexandria University in 1986 and 1990. Amal got her Ph.D. from a joint supervision between Alexandria University and the University of Texas at Austin in 1997.

Research Interests
  • Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks 
  • Fog computing 
  • Mobile cloud computing 
Journal Articles
  1. “Time-Shift Scheduling: Fair Scheduling of Flows in High-Speed Networks”, Co-authored with M. Gouda and J. Cobb, IEEE/ACM  Transaction on Networks, vol. 6, June 1998 
  2.  “Location Management Techniques for Mobile Systems”, Co-authored with N. AdlyInternational Journal on Information Sciences, Elsevier Publications, Jan. 2000 
  3.  "An Adaptive Location Management Strategy using Forwarding Pointers", Alexandria Engineering Journal, vol.4, 2001 
  4.  “Sustained Service Lookup in Areas of Sudden Dense Population”, Co-authored with S. Ali, Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing International Journal, John Willey and Sons, January 2008. 
  5.  “LSD: Link Strength based Discovery Protocol for Dynamic Ad Hoc Networks”,  Co-authored with C. BassemInderScience International Journal for Communication and Applications, 2009 
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  7.   Nardine Basta, Amal El-Nahas, Hans-Peter Grossmann, Slim Abdennadher : Geo-Social Mobility Model for VANET Simulation, Journal of Mobile Multimedia, Vol.10 No.1&2 , 2014. 
Conference Papers
  1. Basta, N., ElNahasA.Grossmann, H. and Abdennadher, S. (2019SMAP: A Map Extension Framework for Intelligent Travel Systems International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC), Feb 2019, Hawai, USA. 
  2. Basta, N., ElNahasA.Grossmann, H. and Abdennadher, S. (2018) “Guess wherI go? A Mobility predictor for smart , 17th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (MUM) 2018, Cairo, Egypt. 
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