Prof. Amany Khodair
Vice Dean for Enterprise & Community Services and Head of the Political Science Department
Office 125 - Building G

Professor Amany Ismail Khodair has chaired the Department of Political Science at the British University in Egypt since September 2016. She joined the British University in Egypt in 2011 as a part-time professor in Political Science.

Prior to her current position, Prof. Khodair was the Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs and the Head of the Political Science Department at Suez Canal University. Prof. Khodair was also the English Section Coordinator of the Faculty of Commerce at Suez Canal University.

In 1994, Prof. Khodair was a Visiting Post-doctorate researcher at Rutgers State University, New Jersey, U.S.A. In her early career, she worked as a news anchor and programme announcer on Channel 4 (the Egyptian regional T.V. station for the Suez Canal and Sinai) and at Suez Canal radio station. In addition, she was a translator at the Governor’s office of Ismailia, Egypt.


Ph.D. in Political Science, Faculty of Commerce, Political Science Department, Suez Canal University, 1993.

M.Sc. in Political Science, Faculty of Commerce, Political Science Department, Suez Canal University, 1989.

B.Sc. in Commerce, Faculty of Business Administration, Ain Shams University, 1984.

Research Interests
  • Media and Politics

  • Communication and Public Opinion

  • Public Administration and Public Policy

  • Women and Political Participation

  • Law


Journal Articles

Khodair, A., Aboelsoud, M.E., and Khalifa, M. (2019). The Role of Regional Media in Shaping Political Awareness of Youth: Evidence from Egypt. Politics & Policy, Volume 47, No. 6 (2019): 1095-1124. 10.1111/polp.12335

Khodair, A., & Abdall, R. (2016). Egypt's 2015 Parliamentary Elections: Assessing the New Electoral System, International Affairs and Global Strategy. IISTE, Vol.44, pp. 1-10.

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Khodair, A. (2015). Evaluating International Sources and Environmental Public Policy in Egypt: The Case of Solid Waste Management. Public Policy and Administration Research (PPAR), IISTE Knowledge Sharing Partners, Vol.5, No.8.

Khodair, A. (2015). Democratic Transition and the Pakistani Electoral System. Journal for Political Studies and International Relations (Beirut), Vol. 2 (May).

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Khodair, A. (2006). Egyptian Women and Political Participation, Case Study: Women in the Suez Canal Region. L’Egypte Contemporaine,  No. 481, January.

Khodair, A. and Wisensale, S. (1998). The Two-Child Family: The Egyptian Model of Family Planning. Journal of Comparative Family Studies, Vol. 29, No. 3, Autumn.

Conference Papers

Khodair, A. (2018). The Role of Regional Media in Shaping Political Awareness of Egyptian Youth: An Empirical Study on Youth of Ismailia Governorate. Political Studies Association (PSA) 68th Annual International Conference, Cardiff University, UK, March 26-28.

Ismail, A. (2017). Civic Engagement and Public Policy Implementation: A Case Study of Local Developmental Policies in Egypt. Political Studies Association Annual Conference, University of Glasgow, April 10, UK.

Khodair, A. (2015). Environmental Public Policy trends towards sustainable communities. Middle East Green Building Summit, Cairo, April 21-22.

Khodair, A. (2013). Democratic Governance in MENA countries: Challenges and Aspirations. 63rd Political Studies Association (PSA) Annual International Conference, UK, March 25.

Khodair, A. (2013). Democracy: The Indonesian Model, Lessons learned. In The First International Conference: Egyptian – Indonesian Relations, Center for Research and Studies, Suez Canal University.

Chapters in Books

Khodair, A. (2014). Empowering Women in China: The Role of Women’s Organizations and Civil Society. In Arab-Sino Relations in a Global Context Forum. Confucianist Institute, Suez Canal University.

Khodair, A. and Wisensale, S. (2001). The Role of Mass Communication in Egyptian Family Planning Policy. In Stuart Nagel and Amy Robb (eds.), Handbook of Global Social Policy, New York: Marcel Dekker AG.

Introduction to Political Science - Research Methods in Social Science - Public Policy and Administration - Gender in Politics - Final Year Project - American Studies - International Law - Special Topics in Comparative Politics - General Studies in Political Science (in Arabic).
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