Dr. Sheikh Shamim Hasnain
Senior Lecturer
232 Building G

Dr. Sheikh Shamim Hasnain is a Senior Lecturer at the British University in Egypt. Dr. Sheikh has taught Business and Management in numerous universities and institutions, which include University of Bedfordshire (UK), Anglia Ruskin University (UK), Aberystwyth University (UK), Buckinghamshire New University (UK), Cardiff Met University (LSC), London Churchill College (UK), American Liberty University in UK and International Islamic University (Bangladesh). He could achieve the best teaching award 2016. In addition to teaching, Sheikh has also worked as an Academic Consultant at the Bedfordshire University (UK). Sheikh has the experience of working as the Academic Programme Manager and Leader at various institutions in the UK. He has authored a book entitled “Knowledge Management in Non-Governmental Organisation: Towards a New Horizon” that addresses contemporary issues on Knowledge Management. He has published many research articles on Knowledge Management, NGOs and Military in peer-reviewed journals. Sheikh is an editorial member and reviewer of various journals including Journal of Contemporary Development & Management Studies, World Journal of Management, World Review of Business Research, World Journal of Social Science, Journal of Business and Policy Research, International Review of Business Research, Knowledge Management Research and Practice and Review of Applied Management. Sheikh works as a Director of Studies (Research) for LSC (Cardiff Met University). Sheikh has the experience of examining many MSc Dissertations/Projects on Business and Management at the Anglia Ruskin University (UK).  He is an External Ph. D. Examiner at the Curtin University, Australia. Before joining the academic world, Sheikh served as a regular commissioned officer (Major) in the army and has the experience of working with the United Nations.

  • PhD (2012), Aberystwyth University, UK (Business and Management).
  • MBA in Business Studies (2005), Bedfordshire University, UK.
  • MBA in Marketing and International Business- Academic Gold Medal; 1st Class 1st (2000), International Islamic University, Bangladesh.  
  • BA (1986), Chittagong University, Bangladesh
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Conference Papers
  • Hasnain, S. S. (2018), Searching for Panacea to Management Ills: Trust Models Revisited, 7th World Conference, 28-30 April, Izmir, Turkey.
  • Hasnain, S. S. (2018), “Knowledge Management: Who Cares about Knowledge Transfer Mechanisms?”, ICI-SDSMT-2018 International Conference, 26–27 May, Bali, Indonesia. (Will be published in Scopus indexed journal).
  • Hasnain, S. S. (2018), NGO-Accountability: Oh! Beneficiaries be Our Friends. Conference on Accounting and Finance (FCAF-18). 24-25th August 2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Hasnain, S. S. (2018), Knowledge Management: Who Cares About Knowledge Transfer Mechanisms? 2nd International Conference on Innovations & Sustainable Development in Sciences, Management & Technology (ICI-SD-SMT-2018) 6-27 May 2018, Kuta Central Park Hotel, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia.
Chapters in Books


Hasnain, S. S. (2016). Knowledge Management in Non-Governmental Organisations: Towards a New Horizon.  (ISBN-13: 978-1622659807, ISBN-10:1622659805). New York: IIST

Fields of Interests
Knowledge Management; Business Strategy / Strategic; Management; Marketing and International Business; General Management; Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) /Not-for-profit Organisations (third sector); NGO management: the techniques of NGO management; Site/location selection criteria for the NGOs; The roles of the NGOs in Socio-economic development in the developing world; Ensuring NGO-accountability and the ethical issues; Trust and Knowledge Transfer; Military and knowledge Management.
Knowledge Management; Research Methodology; International Business; Strategic Management; Principles of Marketing; Introduction to Management; Business Environment; Human Resource Management; Organizational Behavior.