Dr. Marwa Anis
Assessment Faculty Coordinator
226 Building G

Dr. Marwa Anis is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Business, Economics and Political Science and is mainly interested in Corporate Governance, Board of Directors, and International Business related Topics. She has a Ph.D. in International Business at Loughborough University – International Business and Strategy Group, a DBA and MBA specialising in Human Resource Management. She graduated from the Faculty of Commerce at Ain Shams University (1998) with a major in Accounting. Prior to joining the BUE she was working in multinational pharmaceutical companies in Egypt for more than 7 years as a Logistics and Finance supervisor. She also worked on a USAID project for a number of years as HR Coordinator.

  • Ph.D. in Business Administration, International Business and Strategy Group, Loughborough University- UK (2014).
  • Masters of Business Administration - Arab Academy - Human Resource Management Major (2007).
  • Bachelor of Commerce – Faculty of Commerce (English Section), Ain Shams University – Accounting Major (1998).
Journal Articles
  •  Anis, M., Chizema, A., Lui, X., & Fakhreldin, H. (2017), The Impact of Board Characteristics on Firm Financial Performance - Evidence from the Egyptian Listed Companies. Global Journals of Human Social Science , 57 - 75.
  • Anis, M., Chizema, A., Lui, X., & Fakhreldin, H. (2017), The Impact of Ownership Structure on Firm - Evidence from the Egyptian Listed Companies Financial Performance. Global Journals of Human Social Science , 29-47.
  • Anis, M., & Abdul Hamid, A. (2017), Employees' Perception towards the Implementation of Corporate Governance Principles: An Egyptian Perspective. Global Journal of Human Social Science , 55 - 67 .
  • ElDomiaty, T., Soliman, A., & Anis, M. (2016), The Financial Aspects of Corporate Responsibilityindex In Egypt- A Quantitative Approach to Institutional Economics. International Journal Of Social Economics .
Conference Papers
  • FakhrElDin, H., & Anis, M. (2019), Cross- Cultural Management Education in Business Schools: Towards Higher Cultural Intelligence and More Effective Conflict Management. International Business in an Unsettling Political and Economic Environment. Copenhagen - Denmark: Academy of International Business.
  • Anis, M. (17- 18 May 2012), The Impact of Individual Factors and Organisational Factors on Sales Representatives' Motivation in Doing Market Intelligence Activities. International Mangement Research Academy. UK.
University Groups
Fields of Interests
• Corporate Governance • Ownership Structures • Board of Directors Structures and Performance • Diversity on Board • Shareholder Activism • Deviant workplace Behaviour • Work-Life Balance • Foreign Currency Fluctuations • Foreign Direct Investment • Institutional Theory • Corporate Social Responsibility • International Institutions
• International Business • Managing of International Companies • Comparative International Management • Special Topics in International Business • Research Methods • Organisation Behaviour • Human Resource Management
Lecturer of International Business
• Faculty Examination Coordinator • Member of the Departmental Council