Assoc. Prof. Hala Hattab
Associate Professor
201 Building G

Dr. Hala Hattab is a lecturer in Business Administration/Entrepreneurship at the British University in Egypt and Programme Manager for the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor-Egypt. In 2007, she obtained her Ph.D. in female entrepreneurship and added to her professional career a new academic dimension that covers research as well as teaching.

Dr. Hattab has special interest in issues related to Entrepreneurship, especially in the Arab world. Her areas of interest include entrepreneurship education, social entrepreneurship and youth and women entrepreneurship and she has published articles in International Journals discussing these topics.

Dr. Hattab is the author of the first report discussing entrepreneurship in Egypt and won the Best Paper Award presented in The Annual Conference of Economic Forum of Entrepreneurship & International Business, Cairo – Egypt 2011. She is a member of editorial board of the journal for economics and business "Economic Review” and a regular reviewer for entrepreneurship-specialised Journals and conferences (e.g. DIANA conference, Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship). She has been one of Judges in different business plan competitions to support start-ups in Egypt and Middle East (Google’s Ebda2, OECD’s MENA 100), Founding Member of the Middle East Council for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship, Egypt and a mentor for new start-ups.

  • Ph.D. in Management – Amman Arab University for Graduate Studies, Jordan
  • MBA – Management, Amman Arab University for Graduate Studies, Jordan
Journal Articles
  • FakhrEldin, H. & Hattab, H. (2016), “The Effect of Emotional Intelligence on the New Venture Creation of Necessity & Opportunity-Driven Egyptian Entrepreneurs”, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research.
  • Hattab, H.  , Ajjan, H.  , Fabian, F.  &  Tomczyk, D. (2015), "Social Media Use to Support Entrepreneurship In The Face Of Disruption.", Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, Vol. 20, No. 3, pp. 150014 – 150041
  • Hattab, H. (2014), "Impact of Entrepreneurship Education on the Entrepreneurial Intentions of University Students in Egypt". Journal of Entrepreneurship, Vol. 23, No. 1. pp. 1-18.
  • Mian, S. A. , Hattab, H. W. (2013), "How Individual Competencies Shape the Entrepreneurs Social Network Structure: Evidence from the MENA Region". International Journal of Business & Globalization, Vol. 11, No. 4, 2013, pp. 399-412
  • Hattab, H. (2012), "Towards understanding female entrepreneurship in Middle Eastern & North African countries: A cross-country comparison of female entrepreneurship". Journal of Education, Business & Society in Contemporary Middle East,  Vol. 5, No. 3, pp.171 – 186.
  • Hattab, H. (2011), "Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Does Gender really matter in the Middle East". The Journal of International Business & Economic Affairs, Vol. 2, No. 1. pp. 1-18.
  • Hattab, H. (2010), "Effect of External Environment Factors on Female Entrepreneurship in Jordan". Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Vol. 23, No. 2. pp. 211-223.
Conference Papers
  • Hattab, H. , Erin, L. , Ajjan, H. & Sarkis, N. (2016), ‘The Cultural Influence on Purchase Intent Through Facebook In The Middle East’ Conference on ‘The 44th Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference’, Florida, USA, May 18-21.
  • Hattab, H. & Fakherdin, H. (2015), “The Effect of Emotional Intelligence on the New Venture Creation of Necessity & Opportunity-Driven Egyptian Entrepreneurs” Conference on ‘The 2015 International Academic Research Conference’, London, UK, , Dec. 7-9.
  • Hattab, H. (2015), ‘’Investigating the Impact of Entrepreneurship Ecosystem on the Growth of Women Entrepreneurial projects in Egypt’’, AUC 21st Annual Research Conference – Middle East & North Africa Region. Cairo, Egypt, March 18-19.
  • Ajjan, H. , Tomczyk, D. & Hattab, H. (2013), "Understanding Students’ Intentions Towards Entrepreneurship: Comparing Students in Egypt & the USA".  73 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, August 9-13, 2013, Florida USA.
White Papers
  • Hattab, H. (2012), "Women in Business: Policies to Support Women’s Entrepreneurship Development in MENA Region". OECD Publications.
  • Hattab, H. (2012), "New Entrepreneurs & High Growth Enterprises in the Middle East & North Africa". OECD Publications.
Research Collaboration
  • Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Africa Prosperity Report
University Groups
Fields of Interests
Entrepreneurship; Business Planning; Mentorship.
Special Topics in Entrepreneurship; Organisational Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurial People; Entrepreneurial Culture.
Subject Specialism Coordinator- Entrepreneurship
Lecturer of Entrepreneurship