Ms. Monia Adel Ali Rashed
Teaching Assistant
Office 118 - Building G

Monia Rashed is an M.A. candidate in Political Science at Suez Canal University. She has completed the Master’s degree prerequisite classes and is currently writing her thesis studying the Egyptian electoral system and its impact on the performance of the parliament.

Monia graduated with a second upper division degree with honours, class of 2017. Her bachelor thesis titled “Between Home and Host Societies: The Manifold Ways Labour Migration to Saudi Arabia Impacts the Egyptian Society as a Sending State in the 21st Century” aimed at investigating the social impact of labour migration on the Egyptian society. 

During her undergraduate years, she participated in a number of extracurricular student activities such as Model United Nation, Model British Parliament and ACELIA. She also interned at the League of Arab States’ headquarters, the National Council for Women and at the Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies. In her senior year, she was a student representative for her cohort on the Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC).


M.Sc. in Political Science, Faculty of Commerce, Political Science Department, Suez Canal University (ongoing)

B.Sc. in Political Science, Faculty of Business Administration, Economics, and Political Science, the British University in Egypt in partnership with Loughborough University, 2017.

Research Interests
  • Regional studies with particular interest in the Middle East
  • Political sociology
  • Political philosophy
  • Comparative Politics
  • American Studies
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Comparative Politics - Introduction to Human Rights - Modern Political Theory - European Union: The Politics of Regional Blocs - International Organisations – Conflict and Order in Latin America - Humanities: Introduction to History for Political Science - American Studies - Political Islam