Ms. Mereet Hany Adly
Teaching Assistant
Office 118 - Building G

Mereet is an M.Sc. candidate in Political Science at Suez Canal University. She has four years of experience as a teaching assistant at the BUE. She is currently working on her thesis, titled: "The Public Policies of Eliminating Informal Settlements in Egypt: The Model of Al-Asmarat District."

Mereet graduated the first of her class with distinction and honours. Her dissertation studied the Coptic Imagined Community between Sadat and Mubarak. It mainly questioned the nature of the Sunday School Movement and how it impacted the minority’s survival. The dissertation was awarded the ‘Best Dissertation Award’ at the fourth BUE research forum. Part of the dissertation was later published in 2019, for which Mereet was awarded the ‘BUE Scopus Authors’ award in 2020.

She was awarded a full scholarship at the British University in Egypt for outstanding academic achievement. She was also awarded the fifth place on the level of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Thanaweya Amma, Arts Section. She was awarded a Certificate of Innovation from the Governorate of Cairo for outstanding academic achievements as well.

During the course of her study at the BUE, Mereet represented The Political Science Department at the Amman Security Colloquium in Jordan, as well as, the Arab Nuclear Forum at the League of Arab States in Egypt. She participated in ‘Ezbet’ Project’s Participatory Needs Assessment Workshop sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) at the University of Stuttgart in Germany. She was also a facilitator in different student activities including: Model Arab League, Model United Nations, and Model British Parliament.

Before being appointed as a teaching assistant, Mereet was an intern at Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies, the League of Arab States (Women, Family and Childhood department), Safe Foundation for Combating Child Abuse, and the Centre for Community and Consulting Services at the BUE. Prior to that, she had represented Egypt in the Peace Camp organised by People to People International Organisation in Turkey. She was also the founder of the ‘Nile of Peace’ student chapter, an offshoot to the organisation in Egypt, which conducted various educational, cultural, and humanitarian activities.


M.Sc. in Political Science, Faculty of Commerce, Political Science Department, Suez Canal University (ongoing)

B.Sc. in Political Science, Faculty of Business Administration, Economics, and Political Science, the British University in Egypt in partnership with Loughborough University, 2017.


Research Interests
  • Public Policy
  • Political Sociology
  • Political Thought 
  • Religion and Politics
  • Gender and Politics
Journal Articles

Adly, M. H. (2019). Internal Reformation Within the Contemporary Coptic Imagined Community: The Sunday School Movement and Mechanisms of Minority Survival. Journal of Religious & Theological Information, 18(2-3), 75-91, DOI: 10.1080/10477845.2019.1605578

Advanced Research Methods in Political Science-Special Topics in Comparative Politics-Introduction to Human Rights -Public Policy and Administration -General Studies in Political Science in Arabic -International Relations Theory-Humanities-Introduction to Political Science I-Modern Political Theory -Final Year Project
Student Inclusion team member (Top Students Officer)-Library team member-Social Media team member