Mr. Omar Aboubaker
Assistant Lecturer
Office 118 - Building G

Omar was awarded his M.Sc. degree in International Relations of the Middle East from The University of Edinburgh. He received the Chevening Scholarship Award for 2018/2019. Chevening is the UK government’s international awards programme aimed at developing global leaders and funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and partner organisations. The recipients of which are personally selected by British Embassies and High Commissions throughout the world.

As a graduate of BUE, Omar was ranked the second of his class. His undergraduate dissertation analysed the developments in the Egyptian Salafis’ political discourse post the 25th of January Revolution.

He received The Luxembourg Peace Prize of 2016 in the category of a "Youth Peace Worker" during the World Peace Forum in Florianopolis, Brazil. It is a prestigious joint Prize awarded by the World Peace Forum and the Schengen Peace Foundation and approved by His Majesty the Grand Duke Henri of Luxemburg.

In May 2015, Omar was also acknowledged as an International Ambassador of Peace by the Universal Circle of the Ambassadors of Peace during his participation in the 1st Youth Peace Forum in Cairo. In addition, he received the Maulana Azad Recognition by the Indian Ambassador in Cairo during the memorial of Mahatma Gandhi in 2017.

Omar has been selected as a speaker in several international events and occasions. He was the panelist of Egypt during the “World Peace Youth 1st Webinar” organised by the World Peace Prayer Society, Peace Pals International and Living Peace International. He was also part of the Egyptian delegation chosen to attend the  Mediterranean Forum in Berlin 2013 organised by the European Commission under the title of "Empowering Youth Against Unemployment Through Simulation Games".

Omar was as a Counselor and a Personal Tutor at the Teenage Syrian Refugee Tutoring Project (Syrian Futures) at The University of Edinburgh in 2018/2019. He also interned at the Americas Department of the Political Sector at the League of the Arab States in 2015.

Beside academia, Omar has been actively engaged in extracurricular activities. He co-founded the 1st Model of the Arab League and Model of United Nations at BUE. He was the Faculty Manger of the Political Science Department during the Freshmen Year Experience (FYE) programs of 2014/2015 and 2015/2016.

He was the Country Representative of Egypt to the Rotaract Mediterranean Organisation between 2017 and 2019. He is also a Past International Understanding and Peace Promotion Coordinator of Rotaract Egypt (D2451). Currently, Omar is a vocalist and a team leader at Heliopolis Chorus, the Deputy District Rotaract Representative for the Rotarian year 2020/2021 and a Past President of Rotaract Gezira Sporting Club.


M.Sc. in International Relations of the Middle East, School of Social and Political Science, the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 2019.

B.Sc. in Political Science, Faculty of Business Administration, Economics, and Political Science, the British University in Egypt (BUE) in partnership with Loughborough University, 2016.


Research Interests
  • Middle East Politics and Society
  • Political Islam
  • Islamic Thought
  • The Arab- Israeli Conflict
  • International Relations Theory and Foreign Policy Analysis 
  • Religion in Contemporary world
  • Politics, Arts, Cinema and Literature
  • Decolonisation and Post-Colonial Thought
  • Nationalism Studies
Assistant to the Head of Department – BAEPS Enterprise and Community Service Students Committee- Outreach Team member - Social Media Team member- Network of BAEPS Graduates Team member.
Modules Taught
Theory of Comparative Political Systems- Research Methods in Social Science - International Relations Theory - Political Islam: Revivalism and Reform - Arab-Israeli Conflict- General Studies in Political Science (in Arabic)- Public Policy and Administration- Special Topics in Comparative Politics - The Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa