Ms. Jasmin Makhlouf
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Jasmin Makhlouf graduated with honours from the Political Science department at the British University in Egypt . In her B.Sc. thesis The Muslim Sisterhood Breaks Free: a Study on Their Transition from Political Passivism to Political Activism in View of Social Movement Theory she examined the pivotal role of feminism in the preservation of the Muslim Sisterhood's beliefs while engaging politically in the 25th of January 2011 Revolution. The discourse appeals very much to the ideas of Islamic Modernism and the reconciliation of Islamic traditions with modern values.

As an undergraduate, Jasmin interned at the League of Arab States and this experience helped her found, with her colleagues, the Model United Nations and the Model Arab League at the BUE.

Prior to the British University in Egypt, Jasmin has worked as research assistant on a project focusing on Syrian refugees, as English instructor at Berlitz, and as head of PR and general coordinator at Gabha el Haweya El Masreya. 

Jasmin had the chance to develop her interest in philosophy and political theory by pursuing a Masters degree in Philosophy at the American University in Cairo. In her thesis, she explored the concept of embodiment within two important fields; phenomenology and feminist theory. 


M.A in Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the American University in Cairo, 2021

B.Sc. in Political Science graduated with honours, Faculty of Business Administration, Economics, and Political Science, the British University in Egypt in partnership with Loughborough University, 2016.

Research Interests
  • Continental Philosophy, mainly Phenomenology with a focus on subjectivity, intersubjectivity, and consciousness.
  • Feminist Theory, specifically research around embodiment, revolution, body autonomy, and sexuality.
  • Psychoanalysis,  subject formation, trauma, repression, violence, and the connection to revolution.
  • Political Theory,  justice, oppression, identity, and art.


Journal Articles

Makhlouf, J. M. (2021).Husserl and Merleau-Ponty: A Feminist Critique of the Phenomenological Body [Master's Thesis, the American University in Cairo]. AUC Knowledge Fountain.

Makhlouf, J. (2017), Egyptian Feminism: a Comparative Timeline of Secular and Islamic Feminist TraditionsJournal of Yeni TurkiyeMuslim World Special Issue, Issue 1, pp563 – 569

Online Newspaper:

Makhlouf, J. (2015, November 17). What is Justice to Egyptians?

Conference Papers

Makhlouf, J., &Shaker, S. (2016, November). Villains or Heroes? A Critical Analysis of the Positive and Negative Depiction of Muslims in Western and Non- Western Comics. Paper presented at the Media in Muslim Contexts: Inventing and Reinventing Identities, Aga Khan University, London, UK.

Interviews and Online Discussions:

Gozli, D. and Makhlouf, J. (2020, June 10). Three Books with Jasmin Makhlouf. YouTube. 

Makhlouf, J. (2017, October 28). Interviewed at The Breakfast Show. [Nile TV International]. Cairo, Egypt. 

Personal Website
Humanities - Epistemology - Non- Western Political Thought - History of Western Political Thought - Modern Political Theory - Introduction to Political Science- Consular and Diplomatic Affairs- The Rise of Asia - The Arab Israeli Conflict - Sub-Saharan Africa. Jasmin is also the teaching assistant for the graduate module Political Thought and Political Theory, offered in the department's M.Sc.
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