Ms. Sara Shaker
Assistant Lecturer
Office 119 - Building G

Ms. Sara Shaker is currently on an unpaid leave.

Sara Shaker graduated from the British University in Egypt (BUE) - in partnership with Loughborough University - in 2011 with a BSc in Political Science. During my undergraduate commencement, she was awarded the "Top Student Award" for her outstanding academic performance across the four years of university.

Afterwards, she shifted to the American University in Cairo (AUC) for an MA. Her thesis was titled “The Visualisation and Representation of Gender in Egyptian Comics".  After graduation from AUC, she was granted the “Graduate Honour Award” in honour of outstanding academic achievement. 

Along with teaching activities, she has been engaged in community service activities particularly in the area of education & health.She assisted the grants department at Life Makers Foundation in proposal funding initiatives. At LifeMakers, she has collaborated closely with external donors and assisted in the implementation of the projects such as Insaan (Improving lives), Future Guardians, Village Project, & Al-Alm Quwa (Eradicating Illiteracy). 

Sara has been awarded multiple awards from the American University in Cairo, among them; Partial Graduate Fellowship, Cynthia Nelson Institute, Gender Studies, and the AUC Graduate Honour Award, for outstanding academic performance.


M.A. in Gender and Women Studies in the Middle East and North Africa, GAPP, American University in Cairo, 2016.

B.Sc. in Political Science, Faculty of Business Administration, Economics, and Political Science,  the British University in Egypt (BUE) in partnership with Loughborough University, 2011.

Research Interests
  • Women and Gender Studies in MENA
  • Human Rights
  • Media & Politics
  • Middle East Studies
  • Egyptian Popular Culture
  • Politics of Migration
Journal Articles

Shaker, S. (2019). New Woman Project, Faculty of Philosophy, Media & Mass Communication Department, Erfurt University. 

Shaker, S. (2017). "Gender Binaries and Sexual Violence in Adult Comics During Post- Revolutionary Egypt". Kohl Journal For Body & Gender Research, in Sex, Desire, & Intimacy, 3(2), 205-215. URL:

Sara Rizkallah (2014). Khul in Egypt. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing

Conference Papers
Shaker, S. (2019). A New Public Space for Women's Political Activism: Visual Resistance in Post-Revolutionary Egypt, Near & Middle Eastern Department, University of Basel, Switzerland. 

Shaker, S.(2018). Egyptian Adult Comics: A Place for Untold Gender Stories in Egyptian Society. At the Feminism in Crisis: Gender and the Arab Public Sphere Conference. American University in Beirut, Lebanon. URL:

Shaker, S.(2016). Egyptian Comics, What about Them. At the 22nd AUC Annual Conference at the American University in Cairo, Egypt.

Makhlouf, J. & Shaker, S. (2016). Villains or Heroes? A Critical Analysis of the Postive and Negative Depictions of Muslims in Western and Non-Western Comics. At the Media in Muslim Contexts: Inventing and Reinventing Identities Conference, Aga Khan University, London, UK. URL: 

Shaker, S.(2016). The Hungarian Revolution in the Egyptian Press. At the Impact and Perspective Conference, National University of Public Service, Budapest, Hungary.

Research Projects
Oral History Project of Heliopolis, Political Science Department, BUE (Current) 25th Revolution Oral History Project, The American University Library (Previous) Project Description: a project conducting oral histories with individuals who participated in or witnessed the events of the revolution: the initial 18 days in 2011 and the demonstrations and related events that followed in 2012, 2013, and 2014 up to the present day at the American University in Cairo. Mobility Programmes September 2016-January 2017: Erasmus Mobility Exchange, Faculty of International and European Studies, National University of Public Service, Budapest, Hungary.