Assistant Lecturer Remon Ashraf
Website Coordinator
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Graduated from Chemical Engineering 2016 from The British University in Egypt with a Degree of Honor. Joined “The First International Undergraduate Research Conference” (IUGRC) in 2016 in The Military Technical College in Egypt as a researcher and obtained the first place among 85 researches presented from 5 countries regarding military inventions for inventing new light bulletproof shields and I was rewarded the “Shield of Excellence” from The Ministry of Defense.


Bachelor of Chemical Engineering 2016 from The British University in Egypt(BUE) with a "Distinction of Honor" degree. Currently, Performing a Master degree in Material Science at the BUE.

Research Interests

Polymer Chemistry 

Material Science

Journal Articles
  • Mankarious, R. A., Radwan, M. A., Shazly, M., & Elazab, H. A. (2017). Bulletproof vests/shields prepared from composite material based on strong polyamide fibers and epoxy resin. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences12(10), 2697–2701.
  • El-Mahallawi, I., Badr, H., Ashraf, R., & AlMishal, S. S. I. (2018). Sustainable Materials for Energy Conversion. In Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering. Elsevier.
  • Hamdy O., Mankarious R. A. , Radwan M. A., Sadek M. A., Elazab H. A., (November, 2019)" Composite Materials Based on Twaron and Nano Materials", International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE), Vol. 9, No. (1), pp. 571-575.
Chapters in Books

"Composite Materials Based
on Polyamide Fibers and
Epoxy Resin" E-Book (Lambert Academic Publishing)

"Sustainable Materials for Energy Conversion" Encyclpedia


The "Shield of Excellence" from the Ministry of Defense in 2016.

The Best Research Award in The Chemical Engineering Department from BUE, 2016.