Assoc. Prof. Rania M Rafik Khalil (Director Research Centre for Irish Studies (RCIS) & Research and Postgraduate Studies Coordinator)
Director Research Centre for Irish Studies (RCIS) & Research and Postgraduate Studies Coordinator
Room 2 Building 13

Dr. Rania M Rafik Khalil is an associate professor of English and Irish literature in the Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts and Humanities. In addition, she holds the position of Research and Postgraduate Studies Coordinator and she is the Director of the Research Centre for Irish Studies (RCIS) which she established in October 2020 at the BUE.

Her interests extend to drama, theatre and performance in addition to pedagogy of teaching, learning and assessment in higher education. She is CELTA certified and is an advanced trained CEA reviewer for accreditation of English language programmes. She has been trained by Bamboozle Theatre Company, UK and AFCA Arts Center, in collaboration with the British Council on “Making Theatre for Children with Autism”.

Dr. Khalil has completed a research consultancy and research project on behalf of the BUE in collaboration with UNHCR and the British Council UK on the perception of Syrian refugees on higher education in host nations in the MENA region with a budget of 52,000 US$ dollars. Results were published by the British Council

Her research publications focus on East Asian-Canadian theatre, Irish drama, Aboriginal Australian theatre, Ecofeminism in drama and Psychoanalysis. Her publications also include research on assessment, student support in higher education and flipped pedagogy.  


CELTA, University of Cambridge, UK

Virtual Exchange Certification, Erasmus+

Advanced Practitioner Certification in Assessment, TESOL International Association, USA

Assessment in English Language Teaching and Learning Certification, University of Oregon, USA

Teaching and Assessing 21st Century Employability Skills, Melbourne University

Humanitarian Response to Crisis and Disaster, Harvard University

Ph.D. in Drama, Ain Shams University

M.A. in Drama, Ain Shams University

Bachelor of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University

Journal Articles

Khalil, Rania M Rafik (2022). Aboriginal Australian Autobiographies of Postmemory and Trauma in Wesley Enoch’s Black Medea and The 7 Stages of Grieving. Hermes Journal, Vol. 11, Issue 2, Cairo University. (forthcoming)

Khalil, Rania M Rafik (2021). Staged Representations of Négritude: Aboriginality and White Supremacy in Jane Harrison’s Stolen. Fayoum University Journal  Article 34, Volume 13, Serial Number 2, Winter 2021, p. 1874-1909. DOI: 10.21608/jfafu.2021.76421.1514

Khalil, Rania M Rafik, Shadia Fahim, Wadouda Badran, Hadia Fakhreldin, Maguid Hassan, Hani Ghali, Attia Attia, Sarah Khalil, Hassan Abdelhamid, Yasmine Abdel Moneim, and Omar H. Karam. (2020). Proceedings of ICERI2020 Conference 9th-10th November 2020, Indexed Web of Science. ISBN: 978-84-09-24232-0 p.618-627

Khalil, Rania M. Rafik. (2020). Schielke, Samuli. (2020). Migrant Dreams, Egyptian Workers in the Gulf States. Migration Letters, 17(4), 561-562.

Khalil, Rania M Rafik, "Ireland is My Home" (2020). Minorities in Ireland, Studi Irlandesi, Journal of Irish Studies, Vol.10, no. 10, p. 101-113. doi:


Khalil, Rania M Rafik. (2020). An Examination of the Use and Production of Space in Brian Friel’s Translations (1980), Michel Tremblay’s Solemn Mass for a Full Moon in Summer (2009) and Emma Donoghue’s Room (2017). Textual Turnings- A Journal of English Studies, Vol. 1, Issue 1, p.256-272. DOI: 10.21608/ttaip.2019.123771

Khalil, Rania M Rafik (2019). A Semiotic Reading of the East Asian-Canadian Restaging of the Immigrant Experience and Redress in Marty Chan’s The Forbidden Phoenix and David Yees’s lady in the red dress. CDELT Journal, Article 3, Volume 66, Issue 1, Winter 2019, Page 47-72. DOI: 10.21608/opde.2019.132715

Khalil, Rania M Rafik; Fahim, Shadia; Saad, Mohamed; and British Council. (2018). "Perceptions of Syrian Refugees of Education and Pastoral Support in MENA: A Comparative Report Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey."

Conference Papers
  • Going Global 2021 (virtual)
  • BlueCrest University Blended Learning Practices 27-28 November, 2020 Ghana (virtual)
  • ICERI2020 Conference 9th-10th November 2020, Spain (virtual)
  • DELL 1st International Conference 23-24 February 2020, BUE
Research Collaboration

Grants Obtained by Dr Rania M Rafik Khalil for the BUE:



ESP Irish Government Grant                                                   160,000 LE

Culture Ireland                                                                         1000 Euros

Embassy of Ireland Cultural Outreach Grant                           800 Euros



Culture Ireland                                                                         3,000 Euros



Embassy of Ireland                                                                   1,700 Euros 



UNHCR and British Council, UK                                     52,000 US $ Dollars



Research Coordinator \/ Advising and Language Support Office Coordinator (ALSO) \/ Internationalisation
Research Projects
UNHCR and British Council, UK international research consultancy "Perceptions of young adult Syrian refugees on higher education in the MENA region" with funding of $ 52,000. UNHCR and British Council, UK international research consultancy. Successful Transition from High School to University.
English Literature and Culture and English Language modules: Renaissance Literature and Culture, Victorian Literature and Culture, Studies in Romantic Literature, Restoration and 18thC Literature, Advanced Writing , Upper Intermediate English, Intermediate.
Research Coordinator Teaching and assessment: Literature Advising and Language Support Office Coordinator: student support in further developing their four English language skills. Internationalisation