Assoc. Prof. Ahlam Othman
6. Director of Quality Assurance Unit
202 Building D

Dr. Ahlam Othman is an Associate Professor of English Language and Literature at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the BUE. She obtained her Ph.D. and MA degrees in English Literature from the Faculty of Humanities, Al-Azhar University. She also obtained an MA degree in TEFL from the American University in Cairo and got her BA in English Language, Literature and Simultaneous Interpretation form the the Faculty of Humanities, Al-Azhar University. Her main areas of research are English Comparative Literature, Literary Translation, Corpus Linguistics, and Curriculum Development. Dr. Ahlam has five published research papers. She is a board member of the Egyptian Society of Comparative Literature and editor of Muqaranat, an annual journal, the Comparative Poetics Circle and the Translation Department in the Egyptian Writers’ Federation. She is currently supervising a PhD. candidate.

Dr. Ahlam has a long teaching experience. She worked at Al-Azhar University since graduation till 2014. She taught different English Language and Literature Courses including Fiction, Drama and Poetry, Descriptive and Argumentative Essay Writing, Conversation and Political, Economic and Islamic Translation. She has worked at the BUE since 2014 as an Advanced Module Leader. Currently, she is also the Quality Assurance Unit Director at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and is teaching Translation of Literary Texts. She gave teacher training to the Modern International School teachers on: “Teachers’ Beliefs and SLA Theories,” “Teaching Methodology,” “How to Write a Lesson Plan,” “Multiple Intelligences and Differentiated Instruction,” and “Classroom Management.” In addition, she conducted several staff development workshops including: “Creating Interactive Videos Using Educanon,” “The Effect of Corpus-based DDL activities on the Development of Academic Writing,” “Karaoke in the English Language Classroom” “Updating the Faculty Vision and Mission,” “Teaching the Faculty Modules Interactively,” and “NAQAAE Awareness Session.” Dr. Ahlam has received the Merit and University Fellowships from the AUC for her outstanding academic performance and the Research Grant Award from the BUE for being active as a researcher.


Ph.D. degree in English Literature from Al-Azhar University in 2010 MA degree in TEFL from the AUC in 2008 MA degree in English Literature from Al-Azhar University in 2005.

Research Interests

Dr. Ahlam is generally interested in English Comparative Literature, Literary Translation, Teaching Methodology, CALL, Corpus Linguistics, and Curriculum Development. She has a research in progress entitled: “Fundamentalist and Liberal Islamic Discourse in John Updike’s The Terrorist and Ibrahim Essa’s The Televangelist: A Corpus Stylistic, Psychoanalytic Approach.”

Journal Articles

Othman, A. (June 2017) "Foreignization & Domestication Strategies of Metaphor Translation in Sahar Khalifa’s Assabbar: A Cognitive, Reader-oriented Approach." European Journal of English Language and Literature Studies. Vol.5, No.6, pp. 14-21

Othman, A. (June 2017) “The Construction of Identity in Fadwa Tuqan’s Mountainous Journey, Difficult Journey and Jeannette Walls’ The Glass Castle: A Psychoanalytic Approach.” The Sector Magazine of the Faculties of Humanities. No. 19

Othman, A. (December 2016) “The Suppressed Voice of the Marginalized Aristocracy in Serageldin’s The Cairo House: A New Historical Approach.” The Sector Magazine of the Faculties of Humanities. No. 18

Othman, A. (April 2015). “Diasporic Jewish Identity in Ali Badr’s The Tobacco Keeper and Philip Roth’s The Counterlife: A Postmodern Approach.” Muqaranat. No. 4

Othman, A. (April 2010). “Towards a Communicative Islamic Curriculum.” Muqaranat. No. 1

Associate Professor
As a leader of the Advanced Module, I am responsible for coordinating, monitoring and approving the work of all staff and TA's contributing to the module in terms of delivery, assessment, feedback and moderation, providing such advice and support to the staff as may be necessary. I am also responsible for developing effective teaching materials and updating the eLearning page with interactive activities designed specifically for flipped classrooms. In addition, I am responsible for ensuring that all assessment procedures are carried out in line with university regulations, all assessment marks are accurately entered on the University database and results are calculated using the appropriate weightings. As NAQAAE Coordinator, I am responsible for raising awareness of NAQAAE Quality Assurance & Accreditation Criteria for Higher Education, encouraging faculty members to maintain offering quality education, research and community service, following up on training workshops and professional development opportunities, designing & administering questionnaires for self-assessment, discussing quality assurance issues in the Faculty Council, reviewing the work of the Quality Assurance Unit committees, writing annual reports and the self-study.