Demonstrator Manar Abdelhamid
Building G – Office 117

Demonstrator Manar Abdelhamid received the bachelor's degree in Informatics and Computer Science, major information system from The British University in Egypt in Partnership with Loughborough University, in June 2015. Started the pre-master's degree in Web Science at the British University in Egypt, in February 2016, and finished it on September 2016. She is currently working at the British University in Egypt as a Teaching Assistant since September 2015 and is working to complete her Thesis of her master's degree.

Research Interests
  • Blockchain and Smart Contract  
  • Database systems 
  • Information Retrieval  
  • Cloud Computing 
  • Web Technologies 
  • Cloud Computing 
Conference Papers
  1. Manar AbdelhamidGhada Hassan “Blockchain and Smart Contract”, International Conference on Network Technology (ICNT 2019), 9 – 12 April, Cairo, Egypt. 
Information Systems