Assistant Lecturer Ghadeer Hesham Mobasher
Assistant Lecturer
Building G - Office 132

Ghadeer is Demonstrator at the faculty of Informatics and Computer Science at the British University in Egypt since September 2014. She received her bachelor's degree in Informatics and Computer Science from the British University in Egypt in Partnership with Loughborough University, UK, 2014 specializing in Software Engineering. Ghadeer is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Web Sciences from the British University and expected to receive her degree in June 2019. Her master thesis mainly focuses on developing an educational data mining rule-based recommendation system, after extracting the generated decision rules from the proposed enhanced consolidated decision tree algorithm that outperforms other classification techniques in the prediction’s accuracy and tree’s complexity providing the decision makers the appropriate educational guidelines and best practices based on the predicted student’s academic performance.

Research Interests

Ghadeer has been always interested in the field of Data Science Education focusing on providing personalized recommendation for the students based on their academic status. She is always passionate about defining the highest impact factors that affect academic performance. As well as developing enhanced algorithms to provide the highest accurate student’s academic status’s prediction.  

Specific ongoing/ upcoming streams of research include the following: 

  • Data Science Education  
  • Educational Technology 
  • Process Mining 
  • Deep Learning 
Journal Articles
  1. Mobasher, G., Shawish, A., & Ibrahim, O. (2017). Educational Data Mining Rule based Recommender Systems. In CSEDU (1) (pp. 292-299). 
Software Engineering