Ms. Amal Ahmed Abdelghani
Assistant Lecturer
303, Bldg D

Amal Abdelghani is a fulltime Assistant Lecturer at the BUE Faculty of Arts & Humanities with a particular expertise in teaching Translation, Study skills, Academic Writing, IELTS, general English and English for Academic Purposes. She is graduated from the Faculty of Alsun, Ain Shams University, 1997 and attended afterwards two pre-master preliminary years in the same faculty till 1999.Then, she earned her Master degree from the Faculty of Arts , Ain Shams University 2010.Now,  she is PhD candidate at the Faculty of Alsun , Ain Shams University.

Before joining the BUE, she was involved in translation teaching as an Instructor at Arabic and Translation Studies Division at AUC teaching translation courses from 2005-2010. Besides teaching, she was selected in the Curriculum Development group at ATS , AUC.  She previously worked as an English language instructor and second year Business English coordinator at Sadat Academy for Language Sciences from 1997-2004

She first joined the University 2010 as an English Language instructor at the English Department teaching Upper Intermediate, Advanced and Advanced Writing modules. Now, she is teaching two modules: Study Skills and Translation Studies: From Nida to Baker modules. Besides teaching, she is the Faculty of Arts Writing Centre Co-coordinator responsible for enhancing the academic writing skills of the  students through offering various services whether by creating online writing tutorial videos or conducting one-to-one sessions for graduating students.


Currently: A PHD candidate (Linguistics), English Department, Faculty of Alsun - Ain Shams University

2010: MA in Linguistics (Translation), English Department, Faculty of Arts - Ain Shams University

1999: A Professional Diploma in Written Translation, School of Continuing Education- AUC

1998: A professional Translation Groundwork Certificate in Simultaneous Interpreting - AUC

1997: BA in Language and Literature, English Department, Faculty of Alsun -Ain Shams University

1993: High School Certificate (Thanawya Amma), Education Home Language School, Dokkie

Research Interests

Ms. Amal Abdelghani’s main research domain is Translation Studies as an applied field of Linguistics. Her current research related to PhD is focused on Translation Assessment of various text types. She is particularly interested in German Functionalist approaches in Translation Studies and their impact on the translator’s transfer techniques in different text types. Her master thesis tackled the translation strategies from a comparative angle against the original integrating methodologies from Contrastive Analysis, Discourse Analysis and Translation Studies. Amal’s research interests also include adopting  new technology in language teaching and methodology as she attended many workshops and seminars to get the required training for using the 21st century skills in teaching. In this area, she did research on using QR codes and is currently using them in teaching.

White Papers

Abdelghani, A. et al. (Fall 2008-2009). Contrastive Analysis Student Handbook,Cairo: AUC .

 Abdelghani,A. et al.  (Fall 2008-2009). Contrastive AnalysisTeacher’s Manual, Cairo:AUC.

-Study Skills -Translation Studies: From Nida to Baker -English for Academic purposes -Advanced -Advanced Writing -Study Skills -Translation Studies: From Nida to Baker -English for Academic purposes -Advanced -Advanced Writing
-To teach, prepare teaching materials, supervise students’ performance, offer academic help to students during office hours and give feedback to students. -Invigilating Exams -Faculty Writing Centre Coordinator - Developing course materials for Translation Courses