Demonstrator Ibrahim Zidan

I am a fresh graduate civil engineer who is currently working as a Teaching assistant at the British University in Egypt. I am graduated from The British University in Egypt and validated from Loughborough University. The graduation grade was 80% (English Scale) equivalent to 89% (Egyptian Scale) and with a GPA of 4 out of 4 with a First class (A+), (Distinct with Honors) and ranked the first among cohort for 4 successive years. Graduation design project was about designing a 13 floors concrete tower, and my Graduation Research project topic was “Improvement of High Performance Concrete using Biopolymeric Additives (Chitosan)” I have had an internship in Canada in the summer of 2017 about “Fiber Reinforced Polymers” and I am already finishing a conference paper about it, I am also working on a conference paper about my graduation research project. I am ambitious and attracted to science, and interested in continuing my studies to obtain MSc and Ph.D. My study at the university prepared me well and improved my communication skills and strengthened my social relationships. It also taught me how to work under stress, deal with problems and get over any unexpected circumstances.


B.Sc. in civil engineering with a grade of First Class from the British University in Egypt in 2018

Research Interests
  • Materials
  • Concrete
  • Structure
  • Transportation
  • Water purification
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
University Groups
Rigid Body Mechanics Geometrics in Surveying Hydraulics 1 Rigid Body Mechanics Geometrics in Surveying Hydraulics 1