Dr. Noha Hanafy
210 Building D

Noha Hanafy graduated from the English Department at the Faculty of Arts at Ain Shams University from which she completed her preliminary M.A. studies and obtained her M.A. degree in literature. She is currently enrolled in the PhD program at the same university. Her main area of research is poetry, modern and contemporary literature, cultural studies, translation studies, and world literature. She has participated in several conferences and summer schools both inside and outside Egypt.

Noha Hanafy has worked as a teaching assistant in various private universities in Egypt. She has taught diversified courses such as academic writing, general English skills, critical thinking, research writing, literary theory and studies and study skills. She joined the BUE as an assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities where she has taught in the English Modules program as well as in the Faculty’s Study Skills module and Modern Literary Theories module. The responsibilities she carries out are related to teaching, following-up on students’ performance, assisting in Faculty-related modules and certain administrative tasks such as being a member in the Prep Year Core Group, a member in ALSO core group (the language assistance service offered by the faculty), and a member in the core groups for both the English for Academic Writing and English for Academic Purposes.

Noha Hanafy was awarded two grants to study in the Scottish Universities International Summer School (August 2017) and University of Naples American Studies conference/Summer school (May-June 2018).


Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Language – Ain Shams University (2009), Master’s degree in American Poetry – Ain Shams University (2013), PhD degree in English Language and Literature – Ain Shams University (2019).

Research Interests

Noha is generally interested in literature studies, cultural studies and world literature studies. She has a research project in progress dealing with the notion of borders and identity.

Conference Papers

- AUC Conference entitled Resist (Feb 2018)
- Cairo University Comparative Literature Symposium (Nov 2018)
- University of Naples Comparative Literature Conference/Summer School (May-June 2018)

Advanced Writing Study Skills Modern Literary Theory I Advanced Writing Study Skills Modern Literary Theory I
- Teaching classes for the advanced writing modules including all the teaching, grading and office hours. - Teaching the writing section in the Study Skills course for psychology students. - Assisting in Modern Literary Theory I module by giving one tutorial per week.