Dr. Nora Maher
Module Leader
Office A8 - Building G

Dr. Nora Maher is Lecturer of Political Science at the British University in Egypt. Her research interests concentrate mainly on the Arab – Israeli Conflict, Foreign Policy, Defence/ War Studies, Migration, Political Islam, American Studies, and the International Relations of the Middle East. She teaches the following modules: Arab-Israeli Conflict, American Studies, Political Islam and the Politics of Migration and Refugees.  

Dr. Maher holds a PhD in Political Science from Cairo University, an MA in International Relations and Affairs, a Diploma in Human Resources Management and a BA in Commerce and Business Administration. In addition, Dr. Maher is a Certified Professional Instructor at the American University in Cairo and has been awarded the Honour Roll Certificate of Appreciation from the American University in Cairo, School of Continuing Education in recognition of outstanding performance in teaching Human Resources Management.

In conjunction with Political Science discipline, Dr. Maher brings along several years of professional corporate experience in Human Resources Management and work experience in Egypt and UAE. She has extensive experience working in multinational organisations that embrace diversity, integrity and professionalism. She worked with several organisations in diverse industries: Energy, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Industry, Pharmaceuticals and Insurance. Areas of expertise include Recruitment, Talent Acquisition and Talent Management, Performance Management, Employee Relations and Training and Development.

Prior to joining the British University in Egypt, Dr. Maher occupied leadership roles in key multinational organisations; she has worked as the Recruitment and Relationship Manager at Allianz Egypt. Prior to this role she occupied various designations at Siemens where she held the positions Talent Acquisition Manager at Siemens Egypt, and the Middle East Sourcing Centre Manager at Siemens Middle East Regional Cluster; in addition to other roles at Siemens and various organisations.


Ph.D. in Political Science, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, Egypt.

M.A. in International Relations, Faculty of Economics and Political Science,  Cairo university, Egypt.  

Research Interests
  • The Arab – Israeli Conflict
  • Foreign Policy,
  • Defence/ War Studies
  • Political Islam
  • Migration
  • American Studies
  • International Relations of the Middle East
Journal Articles

Maher, N. (2020), Balancing deterrence: Iran-Israel relations in a turbulent Middle EastReview of Economics and Political Science, Emerald Publishing Limited:

Maher, N. (2019).The Securitization of Migration: the European Policies and the Refugees Crisis, Journal of International Politics (Al-Siyasa Al-Dawliya), Issue No. 217.

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Maher, N (2014). The Implications of Israeli intervention in the Nile Basin, Journal of International Politics (Al-Siyasa Al-Dawliya), Issue No. 196.

Maher, N. (2013). Balance of weakness: Limited Likelihood of War in the Nile Basin, Published in "Strategic Shifts File" on Potential Wars in the Middle East, Journal of International Politics (Al-Siyasa Al-Dawliya), Issue No. 191.

Maher, N. (2013). Israel and Jewish Immigration, Journal of Middle East Research, Middle East Research Center, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Vol. 32, Issue 2.


Conference Papers

Maher, N. (2018). The Intractable Conflict: Jerusalem and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Revisited, Research Paper submitted to the International Conference of the Department of Hebrew Language & Literature on "Occupied Jerusalem and the future of the Palestinian question", Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University.

Chapters in Books


Maher, N. (2016). The Impact of Jewish Fundamentalism on Israel's Foreign Policy toward Egypt since 1991, Dar Al-Maktab Alaraby Lel-Maaref, Cairo.

Maher, N. (2005).The Role of Information in 1967 Crisis between Egypt and Israel, Dar Al-Huda Publishing co., Cairo.

University Groups
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Arab-Israeli Conflict - American Studies - The Politics of Migration and Refugees - Political Islam - Strategic Studies