Assoc. Prof Matthew Hall
Associate Professor
BUE Psychology Staff Room, E202, Building E

Dr. Matthew Hall is an Associate Professor. Largely a qualitative researcher specialising in Discourse Analysis; his research focuses on digital gender-sexual violations and spans, Psychology, Sociology, Criminology and Gender Studies. Recent work has examined perpetrator motivations in digital gender-sexual violations such as ‘revenge pornography’ and ‘upskirting’. Similar work has explored the transnationalisation of such violations as a theoretical and political problematic, and the forms, structures, effects, and overlaps between physical violence and digital gender-sexual violations. This research has contributed to policy-related publications for the Canadian International Centre for the Prevention of Crime, United Kingdom Government and the UK Law Commission.

Earlier research examined issues concerning men and masculinities; body modification, appearance and substance (mis)use; disability and sexuality; substance mis(use) and cognitive enhancement; and veterans' health and well-being.

His research informs his teaching in the Department of Psychology at the British University in Egypt in modules such as Social Psychology, and Psychological Research Methods, and Introduction to Psychology. 

As well as working at BUE, he is an Editor at the Journal of Gender Studies, and a Senior Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. He actively works with the media and has interviewed with several UK and international print publications, and with radio stations such as BBC Radio 4, and ABC’s Triple J, and has worked as a consultant for various organisations.

Journal Articles

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