Assoc. Prof. Hala Helmi El-Hadidi
Associate Professor
233 Building G

Dr. Hala El Hadidi is Associate Professor of Economics in the Department of Business Administration at the British University in Egypt. Her Ph.d, from the University of Cairo was on innovation in the Egyptian Pharamaceutical Industry. Apart from undertaking research into the role of Egypt's universities in the innovation process she has conducted research into the impact of micro finance on local economic development and the eradication of poverty in Egypt. In 2013 she received the Emerald/EFMD MENA Management Research Fund Award for her research.

  • PhD in Economics (2003), Cairo University, Egypt.
  • MA in Economics (1990), The American University in Cairo, Egypt.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics, The American University in Cairo, Egypt. 


Journal Articles
  • El Hadidi, H.H. (2018). Impact of Microfinance on Entrepreneurial Development: The Case of Egypt. International Journal of Business and Social Science9(9).
  • Elhadidi, H.H. (2018). The impact of microfinance on poverty reduction in Egypt: an empirical study. Enterprise Development and Microfinance29(2), pp.172-181.
  • El Hadidi, H.H. and Kirby, D.A., (2017). University–industry collaboration in a factor-driven economy: The perspective of Egyptian industry. Industry and Higher Education31(3), pp.195-203.
  • El-Hadidi, H. & Kirby, D. (2016), “Universities & Innovation in a Factor Driven Economy: The Performance of Universities in Egypt”, Industry & Higher Education, Forthcoming.
  • El Hadidi, H. (2016), “Impact of Microfinance Services on Rural Egyptian Women Empowerment: An Empirical Study”, American Scientific Research Journal for Engineering, Technology, & Sciences (ASRJETS). Vol. 22, No 1, pp 109-125.
  • El-Hadidi, H. & Kirby, D. A. (2015), “The Attitude of Egyptian SET Academics Towards Innovation- Universities & Innovation in a Factor-driven Economy”, Industry & Higher Education, Vol. 29, No. 4, pp. 293-303
  • El-Hadidi, H. & Kirby, D. A. (2015), “Universities & innovation in a factor - driven economy- The Egyptian case”, Industry & Higher Education, Vol. 29, No.2, pp.151-160.
University Groups
Fields of Interests
Economics Innovation Globalization Economic development
Introduction to Economic Environment for Business; Macroeconomics; Microeconomics.
Lecturer of Economics