Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aziz
Programme Director of Psychology Department & Lecturer
Psychology Staff Room, Bld 13

Dr. Ahmad Abd Al-Aziz is Lecturer in psychology department, with particular interests and expertise in social psychology and social computing. In addition to his first Ph.D. in psychology, he gained the second Ph.D. in computer science in the specialisation of artificial intelligence. He is currently the programme director of psychology department in the faculty of arts and humanities.

  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, titled “Mining Political Opinions on Social Networks”, Faculty of Statistical Studies and Research, Cairo University.
  • M.Sc. in Computer Science titled "Automatic Recognition for Annotating Old Arabic Manuscript", Faculty of Statistical Studies and Research, Cairo University.
  • Diploma in Computer Science, Faculty of Statistical Studies and Research, Cairo University.
  • Ph.D. in Psychology titled “Comparison of Problem Solving Skills and Decision Making Strategies between Managers in Public and Private Sectors”, Faculty of Arts, Psychology department, Ain Shams University.
  • M.A. in Psychology titled "The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles, Efficiency Levels in the Middle Level Management", Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University.
  • B.A. in Psychology, Psychology department, Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University.
Research Interests

Social psychology, memory, social computing and natural language processing.

Journal Articles
  • Ahmad M. Abd Al-Aziz.2019. The Effect of Valence and Emotional Intensity on Online Social Support in Facebook. Journal of the Faculty of Arts, Fayoum University, Vol. 19, pp. 599-622.
  • Ahmad M. Abd Al-Aziz. 2018. Parsing Arabic Verb Phrases using Pregroup Grammars. International Journal on Natural Language Computing (IJNLC), Vol.7, No.3, pp 19-28.
  • Mai El Defrawi, Ahmed Abd Al-Aziz, Marwa Salah and Ahmed Sharaf Eldin. October 2017. Comparative Relation Extraction from Arabic Opinions. International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security (IJCSIS), Vol. 15 No. 10.