Demonstrator Aliaa Walid Ahmed Nabil
Building G, Ground Floor - TAs Office

Demonstrator Aliaa Walid received Bachelor degree of Informatics & Computer Science from The British University in Egypt specialized in Computer Networks in June 2017Aliaa works currently as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Computer Networks, Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science, The British University in Egypt since September 2017In 2017she has started working on her M. Sc Degree of Web Sciences and has completed her pre-masters modules and currently working on her Thesis. Research interests include Computer Security, Networks (Ad Hoc, Communication, Sensor, Wireless), data analysis and visualization.  

Research Interests
  1. Computer Security 
  2. Networks (Ad Hoc, Communication, Sensor, and Wireless) 
  3. Internet of Things (IoT) 
  4. Data analysis and visualization 
  5. Web Semantics 
Conference Papers
  1. Walid, A. Mostafa and M.Salama,  "MalNoD:Malicous Node Discovery in Internet-of-Things through Fingerprints," in 2017 European Conference on Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), Bern, Switzerland, 2017 pp. 280-285. doi: 10.1109/EECS.2017.58, url 
Computer Networks