Assistant Professor Yassmine Abdel Moneim
Program Director
Law Building office No:5

Yasmine Abdel Moneim is an Assistant Professor of Law at BUE University.


   Dr. Yasmine started her professional carrier as a responsible of missions at the League of Arab States, “African and Afro-Arab Cooperation Department” then at the Territories of Tomorrow Foundation in France, before joining the academic environment. She was a visiting lecturer at the French University then an Assistant Professor of law at BUE University.

Her areas of research covers various domains, mainly, International Public Law, International relations, International Space Law, political science and international Economics.


She is graduated from Faculty of Economics and Political Science, French Department. She pursued her postgraduate studies in international Law with an LLM in International Contracts Law from Cairo University in cooperation with Paris IX – Dauphine University as well as an LLM in Contracts Business Law from Montpellier I University. She obtained her PhD in 2008 in International Public Law from Montpellier I University, France.

Journal Articles
  • Yasmine Abdel Moneim, “The role of space diplomacy in organizing outer-space affairs”, Journal of legal Sciences & Economics, Faculty of law, Ain Shams University, 2019. (Arabic Edition).
  • Yasmine Abdel Moneim, “Effectiveness of international cooperation rules in the field of cultural heritage (in the light of text and application)”, Journal of legal Sciences & Economics, Faculty of law, Ain Shams University, 2018. (Arabic Edition).
  • Yasmine Abdel Moneim, Dispute resolution mechanism at WTO, European university Edition, Germany, 2016.


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