Assoc.Prof. Gehan Nagy
Associate Professor
305 Building A

Dr. Gehan has worked in several research projects and taught several architectural courses in a number of Egyptian and UK schools of architecture during her doctoral and post doctoral studies. She then worked in a number of the private higher education institutions, in Egypt, where she taught many architectural courses. In 2012 she helped in developing the curriculum and establishing the architectural department at one of the higher educational intuitions. Dr. Nagy is an experienced researcher into the impacts of the built environment on people, (including on health and human bio energy), ecosystems, and passive technologies of local heritage. As part of a multidisciplinary team she researched the biological and psychological Impacts of the built environment during her PhD studies. The outcomes of her research have been published in international journals. She has experience of managing and organizing local and international workshops and events. She was a Leading researcher and Coordinator of the funded DAAD winter school with HTI, ASU, SI, Stuttgart, “El Fayoum Eco Architecture Local experiences and future technologies” 2013. She organized: a student international competition with Cardiff University and MSA University Egypt 2010; the architectural event on the History and Architecture of Kedivied Cairo; and a photographic exhibition on the Heritage of Islamic architecture at Diwan book store 2007; a seminar on sustainability, during the UK National Science week funded by Cardiff university 2010. Dr. Nagy taught at the vertical design studio at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff in 2010, and taught at Cardiff Metropolitan University during an Erasmus Staff Exchange, 2012. She was the manager of the Rotary funded project of renovation and upgrading slums in Manshyet naser during 2013.


Dr. Gehan Nagy graduated hes B.Sc. in Architectural Engineering in 1991 from Ain-Shams University, followed by M.Sc. in 2002 from the same school titled "The Impact of Figurative Elements of Architectural Space on Man, Due to Bio Energy Science." She graduated her Ph.D. in 2007 also from Ain shams University with the title of “The Architectural Figuration as a Matrix for Environmental Control Due to Bio Energy Sciences." She was also a postdoctoral research associate at Welsh school of Architecture WSA, Cardiff University 2009: 2010 funded by Erasmus Munds.

Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

"Smart Sensing & POE for Heritage Buildings: A comparison between Results of a POE study and Actual Field Study Measurements for Evaluating Thermal Comfort in a Heritage Building"
. Esraa Abd El Hady, Gehan Ahmed Nagy Radwan and Khaled Dewidar, SDBE 2017 conference.

· Examining the Impacts of Integrating Sustainability Values into Creating Spaces for Children Case of Sekem as a Sustainable Community and Business Model in Egypt

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Influences of Architectural Shapes of environment on Electrical Activity of Rat’s Brain” ; ELG MI, EM EL-Sayed, GA Nagy, TM EL-Sayed, HM Hus.

Chapters in Books

· Co -Editor for the book: “Heritage Building Information Modeling”,
Routledge , ISBN-13: 978- 1138645684 ISBN-10: 1138645680. 

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