Ms. Salma ALSaady
Assistant Lecturer
Building 13

Salma ALSaady graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature from Ainshams University from which she completed her MA in Literature. Her main area of research is drama and theatre studies. Her MA tackled Identity and Globalization in the works of the British dramatist Caryl Churchill.

Salma ALSaady worked as a demonstrator in MSA University in 2007, teaching general English [ENG 80 and ENG 90], as well as Academic English [ENG 102] and research paper writing [ENG 201], in addition to working as a teaching assistant in Shakespearean Drama in the Faculty of Arts, MSA University. In 2010, she started working at the German University in Egypt as an instructor, where she taught AE (Academic English), AS (Academic Study Skills), SM (Scientific Methods), CPS (Communication & presentation skills) as well as RPW (Research paper writing).In 2013, She started working at BUE, teaching English courses such as : Advanced, Advanced Writing, Upper intermediate and intermediate English. In 2016, she started working as a teaching assistant in the faculty of arts and humanities , assisting in literature modules such as Practical Criticism and the Rise of the novel.


2014 MA Ainshams University
2006 BA Ainshams University

Research Interests

She is interested in Cultural Studies, Theatre, Identity, Sufism.

Journal Articles
ALSaady, Salma. (2015). Art is permanent revolution: an Excerpt from a Thesis entitled “Identity and Globalization in selected works by Caryl Churchill”.  Annals of the Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University. 43. Pp (511-526).
TA in Practical Criticism Module TA in Study Skills Module
Teaching Assistant in Practical Criticism and Study Skills Modules Faculty of Arts and Humanities Activity coordinator - Arts and Humanities Day (auditions, rehearsals, preparations) - students induction team - student-related activities - Faculty magazine - Facebook page