Dr. Azza Ahmed Taha Zaki
Faculty Teaching & Learning Coordinator
1720 Building D

Dr Azza Taha Zaki graduated from the Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University where she also completed her MA and PH.D in English Literature. Her main area of research is in the area of teaching strategies and English literature. She has attended a number of symposiums, seminars conferences and workshops. She has a published research paper that won the Best Paper Award with the 19th Conference of World Academy for Science, Engineering and Technology. She is now an Academic Reviewer with the World Academy for Science, Engineering and Technology, reviewing academic articles for approval before publication in their journal proceedings.

Dr Azza has a long teaching experience; she taught English language and Literature courses at Cairo University and Sadat Academy for Management Sciences from 1979 to 2007. She also taught English as a Second Language in the American University in Cairo (AUC). She joined the BUE as a full-time staff member in 2007 and served as the Advanced Module Leader for 7 years until 2014. She has been the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Teaching and Learning Coordinator ever since.


PhD. Degree: English Language and Literature, 1990
Title: Post-Modernist Tragi-comedy: The Plays of Tom Stoppard from 1967 to 1974. Supervised by Professor M. Enani.
MA degree in English Language and Literature, 1984
Title: The Use of Myths in Modern Drama: A Study of Six Plays by O’Neill, Anouilh and Eliot.

Research Interests

Dr Azza’s research interests are Teaching Strategies and Technology Enhanced Learning, teaching literature to students of English as a foreign language, giving effective feedback to students to enhance their academic progress.

She has a research paper in progress on enhancing students’ academic progress via electronic delivery and feedback strategies.

She has become an Academic Reviewer with the World Academy for Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET).

Conference Papers
Taha Zaki, Azza (2017). A Developmental Study of the Flipped Classroom Approach on Students’ Learning in English Language Modules in the British University in Egypt. 19th. International Conference on Higher Studies.
Teaching and Learning Coordinator
Advanced English, English and Study Skills, Study Skills. Literature of the Ancient and Medieval Worlds. The Short Story.
As Module Leader of the English and Study Skills and Study Skills, she is responsible for all tasks and work done in the modules with TAs in terms of delivery, assessment, feedback and moderation, providing such advice and support to the TAs to make sure it is also a learning and development opportunity for them. She is also responsible for developing effective teaching materials and updating the eLearning page with interactive activities designed to boost student engagement and motivation. In addition, she is responsible for ensuring that all assessment procedures are carried out in accordance with university regulations, all assessment marks are accurately entered on the University SRS and results are calculated using the appropriate weightings.