Assistant lecturer Mohamed Aboudounya
Assistant lecturer
Building K, Room 319

Mohamed brings British Style teaching and education, that is clinically based into the teaching of students at the Faculty of Pharmacy, having graduated from the UK. He is a Clinical Pharmacist and a pharmacy graduate from UCL in London; he graduated from the (UCL) School of Pharmacy, University of London, with the MPharm degree in 2008 with First Class Honours, and was ranked 1st on top of the class. He is a Founding Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in the UK.

Throughout his education and training in the UK, he also won the following prizes from various Pharmaceutical companies for scientific and academic excellence, as follows:

  • The Roche Prize;
  • The GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) Prize;
  • The Greenwich Memorial Prize;
  • The Sanofi Aventis Prize;
  • The Pfizer Prize;
  • The Blandford Prize;
  • The William-Morrison Prize;
  • In addition to The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain Prize 2008.

He has worked in London in the NHS (Hospital) as a clinical Pharmacist for several years, during which he served thousands of patients, and contributed massively to the pharmaceutical care of patients via clinical interventions. Throughout his work in the NHS Hospital Pharmacy in London, he supervised, taught and trained many staff members, including pharmacy technicians, pre-registration pharmacists and pharmacy students. He provided his clinical experience and knowledge to the pre-registration pharmacists under his supervision, who passed the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain exam and qualified as pharmacists. Some of the students whom he taught and trained came back to the same hospital as Pre-registration Pharmacists.

He also delivered several oral presentations to pharmacy staff, colleagues and managers in the UK on a regular basis. In 2009, he delivered a presentation on his clinical audit to an audience of more than 240 pre-registration Pharmacists and Pharmacists from across the UK, receiving a Prize as well as excellent feedback from the audience.

He has highly developed presentation and teaching skills and has taught students in several modules in the Faculty of Pharmacy, at the British University in Egypt. He has delivered many tutorials and laboratory sessions to pharmacy students in various topics, as well as prepared PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, as well as questions and answers for the students. Communicates in perfect English, which is his First Language, in addition to fluent Arabic.

He has also obtained his postgraduate MSc in Clinical Pharmacy, with distinction, from Queen's University Belfast, UK in 2015.

Responsibilities: He is involved in the teaching, assessments, work and exams of several modules, (which are medical/ clinically-based or clinically-related) such as Physiology, Pathophysiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacotherapy (various levels). Delivering long tutorials and laboratory sessions, as well as coordinating many aspects of the modules with various staff members and students.

  • Master of Science (MSc) in Clinical Pharmacy, from Queen's University Belfast, UK in 2015 with distinction (First Class Honours).
  • University College London (UCL) graduate: Graduated with the Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) undergraduate degree from the UCL School of Pharmacy, University of London, with First Class Honours in 2008.
  • Ranked 1st on top of the class throughout all the years of the MPharm degree at the UCL School of Pharmacy (University of London).
  • Winner of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain Prize for the best overall performance in the MPharm degree.
  • Postgraduate diploma in Clinical Pharmacy, with distinction, Queen's University Belfast, UK.
Research Interests

Pharmacology, Physiology, Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacology, Therapeutics, Inflammation, The Molecular basis of disease, heart failure treatment, Cancer research, Biochemistry and other fields.

Did a major laboratory-based research project in Pharmacology/ Biochemistry at the UCL School of Pharmacy, as part of his Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) degree- in the field of Pharmacology/Biochemistry. He also conducted another MSc research project in Clinical Pharmacy which investigated the clinical effectiveness of certain medicines in the treatment of heart failure. Undertook several clinical Audits in London, one of which was concerning to what extent patients take their medicines and what are the barriers. Another clinical Audit of his was shortlisted for the Pfizer Project Awards day and he was invited to deliver a presentation on his audit to an audience of pharmacists and pre-registration pharmacists from across the UK. Wrote several Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)s, and complex documents such as a report on a major audit for the whole Pharmacy department, in addition to a counselling guidance on how to promote medicines adherence. Prepared 8 posters on the side effects and drug interactions of 4 immunosuppressant drugs.

Journal Articles

Abou Dounya, M.* “MUR tips on eye preparations.” The Pharmacist, 2010/2011 Autumn/Winter Publication, UK. *Rotational Clinical Pharmacist, London.

Produced 8 posters on certain immunosuppressant drugs, that were mounted for display to consultants, doctors and patients on the scientific day of an inflammatory condition in the UK. He received excellent praise on them.