Salma Refky
Teaching Assistant
Building 10 - Teaching Assistant's office

Media intern at Fekretak Sherketak (August)

Media content creator at P2R Egypt (August-November)

Assisted in the videography of Director David Blyth’s last documentary [In Grandfather's Footsteps] (2018)

AIESEC global citizen certificate

Trained at (The Room) TV show (2019)

Worked on multiple art commissions (Freelancer)

Freelance content creator

High Board member at FCMM Film Society,2018- 2019

Former Partnership developer at AIESEC AAST (Global NGO) 2018

Former Photographer at Evona 2017-2018

One Nation short Film Competition in 2018

Usher at the Talaat Harb T.V series award ceremony

Participated in Arts and Humanities Day (theatrical acting) 2018/2019

Photography Demonstrator at the British University in Egypt (current)


Film graduate from The British University in Egypt under the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies (2016-2020)