Assistant Lecturer Mohamed Salaheldin
Assistant Lecturer

Mohamed Salaheldin Elsherbiny received the B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Power and design from Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt, in 2013 and the M.Sc. in Mechanical Power Engineering at Helwan University, 2018. Currently He is enrolled as an assistant lecturer in faculty of energy and environmental Engineering in the British University in Egypt (BUE). His research interests lie in the field of renewable energy, nanofluids, heat transfer enhancement, nanotechnologies water treatment and energy storage systems. He attended different workshops related to renewable energy field. He published scientific paper in the last few years. 

  •  PhD researcher at Al-Azhar University for research topic “nanofluids impact on heat transfer enhancement for MCHS used for electronic equipment cooling applications. 
  • Currently student for master's in business admiration MBA at Brooklyn business school (El Sadat management science academy) Finished modules : - Finance and accounting - Marketing–Entrepreneurship-Human Recourses  module-Strategic Management -Total quality management -6 sigma lean management  yellow belt – supply chain management. 
  • M. Sc. Helwan University in Mechanical Power Engineering for topic “Effect of Nanofluids on Heat Transfer in IC Engines Cylinder Heads“. 
  • Entrepreneurship studies at AUC and Nile University for venture lab for startups incubation and nilepreneur for industrial startups incubation. 
  •  Presidential leadership program batch number 3 at National training academy NTA (Egypt) recognized by ENA 2017-2018consists of four diplomas 1- Political science and economics /2-Masscommunication and national security / 3- Management science and business administration /4-humain resources and marketing 
  • in Mechanical Power Engineering Department from Helwan University in 2013 Grade: Very Good 75.66%. 
Journal Articles
  • Publishing in Advances in Mechanical Engineering 2020, Vol. 12(1) 1–10_ The Author(s) 2020 DOI: 10.1177/1687814019897507  with title “On Heat Transfer enhancement in Diesel Engine Cylinder Head Using-Al2O3/water nanofluid with different nanoparticle sizes”