Dean Prof. Hassan Metwally
Dean of Arts & Design
Dean's office

Dean of Faculty of Arts and Design BUE

- Professor of Interior Architecture and Head of the Decoration Department –

Faculty of Fine Arts - Helwan University – Since 2017 Until 2020

- Professor and Head of the Department of Interior Design –

American University of Madaba – Jordan 2013-2015

- Professor and Head of the Department of Decoration –

Faculty of Fine Arts 2011-2013



-PhD degree /

Its subject is “ Origination the swimming pool area in tourist facilities in Egypt” - 1999.

-Master's degree

Its subject is, “Interior Architecture in Floating Hotels in the Nile River “- 1993

-Bachelor's degree / Fine Arts - Helwan University

Decoration Department - Interior Architecture Division

-General grade, first class distinction

(- Graduation project, honors grade - 1983).

Obtaining a teacher’s degree at 27/3/2000