Prof. Ahmed Mahmoud Gad
Professor of Statistics
Building G, Room 233

Ahmed Mahmoud Gad worked as a Professor of Statistics at the Statistics Department, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University.  Currently, Ahmed Gad is a Professor of Statistics at the Department of Business Administration at the British University in Egypt. He has a very rich experience of teaching on undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

He teaches different mathematics and statistics courses. He works as a part-time instructor in many universities such as the Mathematics and Actuarial Science Department at the American University in Cairo, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime, Modern Science and Arts MSA, and Benha University. He has supervised numerous PhD and MSc students at Cairo University and Benha University. He has published numerous papers in international refereed journals, and has acted as a reviewer for a variety of international journals, such as Journal Communications in Statistics, Journal of Applied Statistics, Journal of Data Science, etc.. He is, also an Editorial Board Member of some journals such as International Journal of Probability and Statistics, International Journal of Epidemiology & Infection. And Econometrics.  In addition to teaching activities and research activities Prof. Ahmed Gad has an experience as a statistical consultant for many bodies, such as; Egyptian Radio and Television Union, Ministry of Finance, ERF, etc.


PhD in Statistics, University of Kent at Canterbury, Kent, UK

MSc in Statistics, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University

BSc in Statistics, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University

Journal Articles
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  • Darwish, N. M., Gad, A. M. and Hamid, R. M. (2020) Fitting longitudinal data with missing values in the response and covariates, Review of Economics and Political Science, submitted and
  • Gad, A. and Ibrahim, W. M. (2020) An Adaptive Linear Regression Approach for Modeling Heavy-tailed Longitudinal Data, Communication in Statistics - Simulation and computation, 49 (5), 1181-1197. DOI: 10.1080/03610918.2018.1491990.
  • Hassan, A. S. A., Gad, A. M. and Ibrahim, W. M. (2020) On the Estimation of the Channel Signal Fading Distribution Parameters,  American Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 8 (1), 28-38.
  • Abdelwahab,   A.,  El  Kholy,  R.  B.  and  Gad,  A.  M.  (2019) sensitivity analysis index for shared Parameter models in longitudinal studies, Advances and Applications in Statistics, 57 (1), 1-20.
  • Yassen, A. S. and Gad, A. M. (2019) A stochastic variant of the EM algorithm to fit mixed (discrete and continuous) longitudinal data with nonignorable missingness, Communication in Statistics - Theory and Methods, DOI: 10.1080/03610926.2019.160122.
  • Zakeria, S., Hafez, M. and Gad, M. (2019) A Latent Class Model for Multivariate Binary Data subject to Non-random Missingness, International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and  Information Technology,  accepted
  • Zakeria, S., Hafez, M. and Gad, M. (2019) Bayesian Estimation of Latent Class Model for Survey Data Subject to Item Non-response, Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research,  15, 303 – 318.
  • Gad, A. M. and Ahmed, H. E. G. (2019) Parametric Fractional Imputation for Longitudinal Data with Intermittent Missing Values, Journal of Data Science, 17(2), 331-348.
Modules Taught:
Statistics for Political Science , Business Modelling and Forecasting
Fields of interest:
Applied Statistics and mainly Bio-statistics (medical Statistics), Missing data problems, Longitudinal data and panel data.