Assoc. Prof. Moataz Abdelfattah
Module Leader
Office 121 - Building G

Associate Professor Moataz Abdelfattah has been working in the field of Political Economy and Public Policy at Cairo University, the American University in Cairo, Central Michigan University and University of Pittsburgh, USA. Dr. Abdelfattah is a non-resident fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington D.C.

He was the top of the National High School exams in 1989 and joined the School of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University where he was awarded the first place, and hence became part of the faculty there.

In 1996, he got his MA in Political Science from Cairo University. In 2004, Dr. Abdel Fattah completed the requirements for the MA in Applied Economics and PhD in Political Economy from the United States. In his attempt to build a more developmental democratic state after the Egyptian revolution, Dr. Abdelfattah served at the advisory body of several Egyptian Prime Ministers and the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (2011-2012), as well as, delegate at the Constituent Assembly drafting the Egyptian post revolution Constitution


Ph.D in Political Science, Western Michigan University, 2004

M.A in Applied Economics, Western Michigan University, 2003

M.A in Political Economy, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, 1996.

B.Sc in Economics and Political Science,Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, 1993.

Research Interests
  • Political Theory
  • Political Thought
  • Political Economy
  • Quantitative Methods
University Groups
Introduction to Political Science