Demonstrator Montaser Bellah Yasser
B-15 TAs' Office

Montaser Bellah received his Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) from the Faculty of Pharmacy at The British University in Egypt (Class of 2018) with a “Distinction with Honours” classification. He is currently a demonstrator in the Department of Biochemical Engineering at the Faculty of Energy & Environmental Engineering.

  •       2013 – 2018          Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm)

                                               The British University in Egypt           

                                               Classification: Distinction with Honours

Research Interests
  •       Machine Learning
  •       Computational Biology
  •       Transcriptomics
Journal Articles
  •       Yasser, M. B. et al. Circulatory miR-221 & miR-542 expression profiles as potential molecular biomarkers in                  Hepatitis C Virus mediated liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. Virus Res. 198341 (2021)                                    doi: