Prof Tarek Saad

Got his B.Sc. and M.Sc. from Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt on 1980 and 1986 respectively. Got his Ph.D. degree from University of Windsor, CANADA in the area of power loss reduction on Distribution Systems. Participated in many paper refereeing, nationally and internationally and he is a member of technical committee in many conferences and international periodicals. He has more than 40 publications in local and international conferences, local and international periodicals. Supervised many Ph.D. and Master theses in the areas of Power Systems, EMF exposure and renewable energy. Working as a consultant Engineer for many Electrical Installation projects.* 
Fields of Interest:
     1. Power System Analysis
     2. Electromagnetic Field Exposure* 
     3. Renewable Energy

Research Interests
  • Power System Analysis
  • Electromagnetic Field Exposure
  • Renewable Energy
Journal Articles
  • Rania A. Swief, T. S. Abdel-Salam, Noha H. El-Amary, “Photovoltaic and Wind Turbine Integration Applying Cuckoo search For Probabilistic Reliable Optimal Placement”, Energies 2018, 11(1), 139;   
  • Noha H. El-Amary, Alsnosy Balbaa  Rania A. Swief, T. S. Abdel-Salam, ,“A Reconfigured Whale Optimization Technique (RWOT) for Renewable Electrical Energy Optimal Scheduling Impact on Sustainable Development Applied to Damietta Seaport, Egypt”, Energies 2018, 11(3), 535;   
  • Peter Makeen, Rania A. Swief, T. S. Abdel-Salam, Noha H. El-Amary,  “Smart Hybrid Micro-Grid Integration for Optimal Power Sharing-Based Water Cycle Optimization Technique” Energies 2018, 11(5), 1083;   
  • Hatem Zaki, Rania Swief, T. S. Abdel-Salam and Mahmoud Abdel-Hamid, “A New Distribution System Performance Approach to the Switch Allocation Problem Under Smart Grid Framework”, 2018 International Conference on Clean Energy and Electrical Systems July 25-27, 2018 | Vancouver, Canada   
  • Hatem Zaki, Rania Swief, T. S. Abdel-Salam and Mahmoud Abdel-Hamid, “Economic and Performance Based Approach to the Distribution System Expansion Planning Problem under Smart Grid Framework”, Future Technologies Conference (FTC) 2018. Sponsored,  IEEE  13-14 November 2018,  Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel, Vancouver, Canada.
  • S. F. Mekhamer, A. Y. Abdelaziz, M. Ezzat & T. S. Abdel-Salam," Fault Location in Long Transmission Lines Using Synchronized Phasor Measurements from Both Ends”, Trans., Electric Power Components and Systems, Vol.40, Issue 7, pp. 759-776., April 2012. 2. 
  • I.M. Mahmoud, S. O. Abdellatif, T. S. Abdelsalam, O. E. Abdellatif, “Numerical Modelling and Integration of a PV System Using Finite Element Method” submitted and accepted by MEPCON 2014, International Conference, Ain Shams University.
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